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I started sharing “little luxuries” throughout the month of January over on my Instagram as a way to decompress after the holidays. These are things or practices that I do that make my daily life feel a bit more luxurious and bring me joy. In addition to the things I shared in the collage above, here are more of my little luxuries:

1. Audiobooks – I have always loved to read but as I’ve gotten older, I find it harder to dedicate the time to it (and I also fall asleep when reading after only a few chapters). A few years ago I started downloading audiobooks instead and it has completely changed everything! I now “read” (listen) to 6-8 books a month and it helps me shut my mind off for a bit and do something I love.

2. Melissa Wood Health Workout app – I’m not someone that enjoys going to the gym or traditional workouts. I used to do Pilates for many years and enjoyed it but wanted to switch it up. So I downloaded the MWH workout app and absolutely LOVE IT! Most of her workouts are under 30 minutes (some as short as 8 minutes) which actually helps me want to do them since they are so short. The workouts are intense but so effective and I can fit them in so easily to my day.

3. Matching pajama sets – It wasn’t until about 6 years ago that I started buying matching pjs but once I started, I loved the feeling of getting dressed for bed. There is something about wearing a matching set to bed that makes me feel like my life is together. LOL This is my favorite brand of pjs.

4. Multiple drinks – I know this one looks kind of funny but I don’t mean alcohol (I actually don’t drink – just can’t stand the taste or feeling), but multiple different types of drinks to enjoy throughout the day. I am someone that loves sparkling waters, kombuchas, coffees, sodas, etc so I always make sure I have a selection of drink options for myself to drink throughout each day. And I actually look forward to drinking each one – it makes me so happy! 🙂

5. Wearing jewelry everyday – I was never a big jewelry wearer years ago but now I absolutely love wearing it. I will put on jewelry every single day even if I’m just wearing sweats and leggings.

6. Doing my makeup everyday – Makeup is therapeutic for me and I will put on a full face every day even if I’m not going anywhere. It instantly lifts my mood and makes me feel more productive.