Stop.  Stop everything you are doing right now.  Do you see what jewelry deliciousness is going on above this copy?  I can hardly breathe this bracelet is so over the top bad ass.  I need a moment of silence to take it all in.  ……………………………….  Whew – ok I am back.  And ready to gush over the most amazing bracelet of all time.  Well – at least for the next five minutes until something sparkly catches my eye and I am off.  But for now, my love of this bracelet transcends any other current obsession – fashion or otherwise that I may have.  If you are not familiar with Eddie Borgo, you better get acquainted and quick.  His pieces are the quintessential fashion accessory.  Proper in their own right of material and construction, but with a design element worthy of street-cred-edge.  His ever popular cone bracelet has become a collector’s piece rubbing elbows with the likes of a good pearl necklace, a classic Hermes Birkin or a pair of Tod’s driving loafers.  But for today’s piece du jour that will be placed on the A Little Bit etc pedestal is this Bear Trap bracelet.  Never have I been more happy to get my wrist caught in something.  And as if the cuff alone was not worth shedding an overexcited tear over, it comes apart into three separate bracelets that if each worn alone could still illicit a momentary shaking from wonderment.  My adoration for this piece could go on forever, but alas my energy is better spent moving budgetary constrictions around to justify a purchase.  And if you ask me, that is time well spent.