With boots like these – how could you not wish it was Fall every single day?  Just looking at them makes my neck itch for a scarf – and my arms long for a wool blazer.  I can see these boots worn with almost anything in my Fall wardrobe – dresses, pencil skirts, jeans, wool trousers – they play nice in the sandbox with just about everything in my closet.  How polite.  They were raised well.  Unlike some other boots out there which may clash with everything or only get along with one piece in a wardrobe.  Just plain selfish, I tell you.  While I feel it’s nice to add something fun every once in awhile, stocking your wardrobe with items that only wear with one other piece or must be paired with a certain look seems frivolous to me.  That’s right – frivolous – says the woman that has 723 lipsticks in varying shades of nude.  I own my hypocriscy.  But judgements aside, there is nothing more rewarding that buying an item of clothing or accessory and wearing it season after season, year after year.  And a leopard print boot, with a wooden stacked heel embodies this perfectly.  Let the repeat wearing begin.