….on pale. Nothing makes black clothing pop more than when worn by someone whose skin tone resembles every one’s friendly ghost. I always have Halloween on lockdown with this pallor – strictly Morticia all the way. But I do make the jump to all black on days other than the annual Ode to the Jack-o-Lantern – such as early Fall, as evidenced in the above photos. As the scorching heat begins to subside and the winds begin to pick up, I find that a dress like this is perfect for living in between seasons. What takes this look straight to Fall without passing Go or collecting $200 are the suede wedge ankle booties – a perfect way to give the outfit a little more edge and perhaps elicit a comment from your loved ones, perhaps a husband, such as “wow – that outfit seems a little goth”. Well – I love you too, schnookems. Now take the picture. Significant other 2 cents aside, I amped up the edge a little more by adding an all black, patent leather studded belt, silver bib-like necklace and dark lips. He says goth – I say dark and brooding. Mysterious almost. Fashion gives you the freedom to express a different persona or attitude if you choose. I guess Halloween can be more than one day a year – but instead of candy and pumpkins, there are booties and belts.     
Dress – Pencey Standard | Belt – Club Monaco (similar here) | Necklace – Ann Taylor (similar here) | Boots – Jean-Michel Cazabat