The only thing I kept repeating when taking shots of this outfit – “Get the shoes!  Don’t cut out the shoes!”  And frankly, after seeing them, can you understand why? They ARE the outfit.  I could probably drape myself in a potato sack as is often the clothing of choice for a horrific, non descript outfit reference, and these heels would still BE the outfit.  Naturally with a potato sack, I would probably belt it and throw on a sharp blazer, so fashion lemonade is always possible.  For this particular pairing, I chose a neutral, fitted tank dress with no particular details other than ruching down the sides, and a classic brown belt.  I find with outfits that are all one color, the long road of monochromatic fabric must be broken with a belt.  And it cinches in the waist – hello?!  The remarkable quality of these shoes is they are still wearable with just about everything, though they seem busier than Grand Central at rush hour.  Army green, brown leather and silver grommets – all basic items in their own right that when put together make for a fierce look.  Now the heel height is pushing it with me, since I do not have a driver on call, unless you can call the 6 train that comes regularly my “driver”.  And traipsing around NYC in heels above 3 inches is cute for approximately 10-15 minutes, until the balls of your feet begin burning like they are lined with hot coals and you actually feel like you are balancing on stilts rather than walking in heels.  An ankle may give out at about 45 minutes and then shortly after a quick trip to Duane Reade for Dr. Scholl’s foldable flats (FYI – they are actually a godsend) is inevitable.  Game over.  But women wear this badge of courage proudly for the sake of fashion.  Honorable if you ask me.  Noble, even.  Hang your head no more ladies when blistered and bruised from your heels – you are a hero.  A fashion hero.   
Dress – Kenneth Cole (similar – here or here) | Belt – Theory (similar here) | Shoes – Giuseppe Zanotti