Sunscreens To Wear Under MakeupSunscreen used to be my least favorite skincare product to put on my face each day. The formulas were often greasy, uncomfortable and did not wear well under makeup. I would wear it because I’m super fair and know the importance of wearing sunscreen every single day but I did NOT like it. Fast forward to today and sunscreen formulas have improved 100%. More often than not they feel like a regular moisturizer or serum and not like a traditional sunscreen. I have quite a few that I rotate between and love wearing because they are comfortable, make my skin look great and most importantly for this makeup lover – look great under makeup. Nothing is worse than a sunscreen that breaks apart your foundation or makes you infinitely more greasy as the day goes on. Yuck.

I continuously test sunscreens and am always on the hunt for formulas that can do both – protect my skin AND look great under makeup. I refuse to accept anything less. Thankfully I have not had to and have found a handful of formulas that are absolutely amazing. I have normal to dry skin so I don’t mind a moisturizing or dewy formula but it cannot get greasy throughout the day. All of these sunscreens I have in today’s post do just that though if you have oily or combination skin, some of these may be too dewy for your preference. They have all been tested for months (some years) so I know they work really well under makeup which is my prerequisite at this point for an SPF formulation. Here are my top recommendations:

Sunscreens To Wear Under Makeup

Sunscreens To Wear Under Makeup

Elta MD UV Clear Broad-Spectrum SPF 46

This is a long time favorite sunscreen and a regular repurchase for me. I prefer the clear version but there is a tinted version as well. I love wearing it under makeup but it is also the sunscreen that I bring with me to the beach/park etc because it gives such great sun protection. And I also like to recommend this sunscreen for anyone that has acne prone skin, rosacea or hyperpigmentation.

Tatcha The Silk Sunscreen SPF 50

Tatcha recently repackaged their top selling Silk Sunscreen but the formula is still as good as ever. This has a slight peachy tint to even out the complexion but doesn’t give enough coverage to be worn as a skin tint/foundation. I love this because it slightly blurs imperfections and acts as the best makeup primer!

RMS SuperNatural Radiance Serum SPF 30 (discount code: Maree-15)

There are a few glowy sunscreens that I enjoy but this is hands down my holy grail. It simultaneously gives the most radiant lit from within glow, blurs imperfections and gives a tad bit of coverage. It’s not too greasy, doesn’t make me shiny throughout the day, wears beautifully under makeup but also looks great worn alone. It’s truly one of the best formulas I have ever tried. There are three shades in this formula and manage to work well on a wide range of skin tones. (I have a more in depth review of this sunscreen in a prior post)

INNBEAUTY Mineral Sun Glow Broad Spectrum SPF 43

This was the first product that I tried from INNBEAUTY and it instantly made me want to try the rest of the line. This is another glowy sunscreen but much more sheer than the RMS Beauty. It gives a gorgeous glowy look to the skin without managing to emphasize skin texture, pore size or fine lines. It doesn’t give any coverage but I still love to reach for this on the weekends when my skin is looking dull and I want a bit of freshness without opting for foundation or a skin tint. This one only comes in two shades and I wear the shade Fair/Medium.

Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum SPF 50 (discount code: Maree)

I had seen buzz about this sunscreen serum on my social media for the past few months. I finally ordered it to see what all the fuss was about. From the first time I tried this sunscreen serum, I understood all the hype. This DOES not feel like a sunscreen at all and instead feels like a moisturizing serum. It has a tint to it which at first made me concerned because it looked way too dark for my pale skin. However, once I applied it, it seems to self adjust and looked beautiful.

This made my skin look fresh, radiant and healthy without being glowy or shimmery. It gives more of a “just had a facial” glow rather than a shimmery glow. I think this could work for those with oily skin but I definitely recommend it more for those with normal to dry skin and especially mature skin! This is an absolute dream on mature skin. (I have a more in depth review of this sunscreen in a prior post)

Naturium Dew-Glow Moisturizer SPF 50

The newest addition to my sunscreen lineup but an instant love. This does not surprise me however because nearly every product I have tried from Naturium is amazing and the price points are SO AFFORDABLE! While the name is Dew-Glow, I would say this is the least dewy sunscreens out of this entire list. It’s creamy, moisturizing and leaves my skin with a natural finish. I can skip moisturizer on the days that I use this because it preps my skin so well for makeup.