Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen SerumI am a strict sunscreen wearer 365 days a year but it’s absolutely vital for me in spring and summer. Even though I wear sunscreen every single day and have for most of my adult life, it doesn’t mean I have always enjoyed it. In fact, sunscreen formulations for many years were awful. Especially for the face. They were greasy, heavy, would disrupt my makeup and overall felt icky on my skin. Fast forward to today where there are literally thousands of sunscreen options and so many of them feel nothing like a sunscreen. They feel, act and perform like a serum or moisturizer making them much more pleasant to wear and especially wear under makeup. I’ve been slowly experimenting with smaller beauty brands or new (to me) beauty brands over the past year and have found so many products that quickly became essential in my skincare routine.

I had seen reviews here and there on my social media about Bloomeffects skincare and was so intrigued. The brand reached out and offered to send me their cleansing balm to try as well as a discount code for my readers. I liked the cleansing balm but the Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum was what I saw everyone raving about so I purchased it myself to see what all the buzz was about. OMG – it absolutely blew me away and I totally got the hype! It’s one of the most beautiful sunscreen products I have ever tried and wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to it. Additionally, my discount code for Bloomeffects is still active and works on their entire site if you want to try the sunscreen for yourself. Use code: Maree for 20% off.

Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum

Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum reviewThe Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum is a 100% mineral broad spectrum SPF 50 with a lightweight serum texture. It provides protection against UVA & UVB rays, pollution, blue light and free radicals. Their is a slight tint to it that evens out the complexion slightly and gives the skin a fresh radiant glow.


The Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and Bloomeffects proprietary Dutch Tulip complex.


I love the brand’s signature blue packaging and there is a pump dispenser that easily dispenses a dime sized amount with just one pump.

Price Point

This is a mid range price point at $65 for 55 ml (you can use my discount code: Maree for 20% off too!)


This is a lightweight serum texture that feels incredibly moisturizing. I normally don’t need to use any moisturizer before this because the sunscreen serum is hydrating enough to prep my skin.


There is a slight peachy beige tint that at first looked way too dark for my pale skin. But after application, it is quite sheer and doesn’t look too dark on my skin. It helps slightly even out the complexion but doesn’t provide actual coverage like a foundation.


The finish of this sunscreen serum is definitely more radiant and glowy. It settles down a bit after application and doesn’t get greasy throughout the day. It wears beautifully under makeup too!

Skin Type

It is designed for all skin types though those with normal, dry or mature skin may like this a bit more. It has a dewy finish which may not be preferred by those with oily skin types so it’s definitely worth mentioning. I have had feedback from followers on Instagram who have oily skin and love this formula which I wanted to share too.

Sun Protection

The sunscreen serum provides SPF 50 protection against UVA/UVB rays, pollution, free radicals and blue light.

How Does Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum Look On the Skin?

Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum on skinI swatched the serum on the back of my hand and also applied it all over the face to show a complete look at the finish. Initially it is quite dewy and radiant as shown on my hand, but it does settle down to look more like the finish on my face. It preps my skin so well for makeup and it’s become my preferred sunscreen to wear under makeup because of how well any foundation applies on top.

Where to Buy the Bloomeffects Tulip Dew Sunscreen Serum