Diamond ear huggie (only $25 a pair!) | Gold ear huggie (also only $25 a pair) | Ear cuff | Sweatshirt

Though I have my ears pierced, I had them pierced as an infant and one of the holes is quite low to the bottom of my lobe. After wearing very heavy earrings over the years, the hole began to stretch out and I didn’t want to have any more issues so I stopped wearing pierced earrings and opted for clip-ons instead. Recently I have been seeing a ton of ear huggies and ear cuffs and love the look! Ear huggies are so small and literally hug the ear lobe so they are perfect for wearing everyday without worrying they will add extra weight to my ears or stretch out my piercings. I love the look of multiple earrings but only have two piercings in each ear so using ear cuffs up the ear is the perfect solution. They literally just cuff on to your ear – no piercing needed! I have shared my ear huggies before on my insta-stories (I wear the gold in the first hole and the diamond in the second hole and both are only $25 a pair) and they quickly became a top seller with so many of you. I thought I would do a blog post rounding up additional styles of huggies and cuffs if you are looking to change things up.