“City folks out in the country” was the title of this past weekend’s shenanigans, and here are some photos to prove it.  If one must spend hours in a car traveling to the middle of nowhere, comfort is of the utmost importance hence my pairing of a cozy turtleneck sweater over a jersey tank dress, both shown previously here and here.  These shots were taken at the Culinary Institute of America, where we stopped for lunch on our way up to the Mount Merino Manor Bed and Breakfast for a quick 2 day getaway. But trust me when I tell you, this was just the beginning of our weekend in the great outdoors complete with deer sightings, a whiskey distillery tour, treacherous mountain roads, and each night’s meal ending with a McDonald’s McFlurry — get Oreo not M & M.  The hustle and bustle of NYC can be exhilarating but leaving it for the peaceful calm of a place like the Hudson Valley is needed in the name of balance.  And while there is always something to do in a bustling metropolis, I appreciate the lack there of once in a while.  Board games, specifically Monopoly were on the docket for this past Saturday night and I was NOT MAD AT IT.  Other than this outfit and the subsequent evening’s dinner attire, most of the weekend was spent in jeans/snow boots or a bathrobe.  It can take a second to get off the hamster wheel, but I acclimate to a slower pace quite well.  Don’t be surprised if you come to my apartment one day and finding me blogging away on my laptop in a rocking chair.  It’s easy living, man, and ain’t nothing wrong with that. 
Sweater – Club Monaco | Dress – Kain (similar here)  | Beanie- Bloomingdales | Sunglasses – Ray-Ban | Tights – Simply Vera from Kohl’s | Boots – J. Crew (similar here)