UPDATE: As I write this post I am packing up my things to move to a desert island where the thought of blustery, frigid winds never have to be a reality again!!!!  Ugh – I’m ranting, I know.  And complaining too – I KNOW.  But right around this time every year, winter seems to drag on and on, and the thought of spring seems like a distant idea the way Monday seems a lifetime away from Friday.  That being said – I still have to dress myself and wearing two of my favorite colors seems like the way to keep my head in the game (and my butt in NYC instead of Tahiti).  My wardrobe is laden with tons of black because a). I have been in New York for 11 years and b). I worked in cosmetics for 10 years.  So when I feel like I just can’t carry on Johnny Cash’s legacy anymore, I throw in a pop of color and find that I simply love the look!  Add to it my vertiginous Prada patent pumps and favorite camel wool coat, and I feel like I can maybe give February another shot.  As a blogger, I find myself often itching to push my fashion limits, layer like a street style shot or throw patterns/textures/colors together to feel like I am putting forth an interesting outfit or one that seems picture worthy.  Then I stop and realize that it is simple outfits like this that make me feel the best and reflect the epitome of my personal style.  So while I no doubt may experiment or step out on a fashion limb occasionally, it feels good to know where my “roots” lie.  Now back to my Winter whining…….

Coat – Zara (similar here and here) | Turtleneck – Banana Republic | Skirt – J. Crew | Scarf – Ann Taylor | Pumps – Prada | Tights – Simply Vera by Vera Wang | Ring – Catbird | Lipstick – MAC Lady Danger