“Where has this foundation been my whole life?” was my exact sentiment the first time I tried the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation. Since I am a foundation junkie, I often have high hopes for new ones that they will give my oily skin the coverage it needs while still balancing the shine.  Most start off strong, with a smooth finish and great color match, but by mid morning my skin is like an oil slick and I can already see the foundation settling into my pores, how nice. 
This was not the case with the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation (c/o)  which started off strong, and then stayed strong through the entire day, keeping my skin flawless and virtually shine free.  Designed as a high definition foundation, with light diffusing properties, the Aqua Foundation has a light to medium coverage with a satin finish.  And in this case satin finish = airbrushed and perfect!  Since my skin does fluctuate between being extremely oily and dry because of the constantly changing temps/precipitation (I hate you winter, I hate you), I am amazed at how this foundation manages to balance it all, addressing whatever my skin seems to need and adapting to it.  I see an Employee of the Month badge coming soon…… 
Ideal for all skin types (and WHEN can you find a foundation that is suited for anyone, NEV. ER.), this pH balanced formula is chock full of good for ya nutrients and minerals to help keep the skin hydrated and radiant.  Seriously, it’s like music to my ears.  But more than that, this is music to my skin!
With the entire beauty marketplace abounding with BB creams, CC creams, and self adjusting tinted moisturizers, I am an old fashioned gal who likes her foundation.   However, what most of the aforementioned have that make them so appealing is the advanced technology to allow for peak performance (excuse the race car analogy, THAT came out of nowhere) – which is exactly what makes this Aqua Foundation so remarkable and unique – an innovative formulation that delivers great results.  It’s just a bonus that it makes me look pretty – which is all that really matters.  
Intrigued? I thought so – find the Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation here.  For shade reference, I am PK0, otherwise known as “sheet of paper pale”. 
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