It’s been a few months since my last Amazon post so I thought it was time for an updated one! There are a few things I buy regularly that are not included in this list because I have featured them before (these face wipes are a must-have for Miles, my elderberry gummies that I take every morning and my super coffee that I drink almost every day). Here are all my recent buys and my review on each item:

1. Tote organizer – I have no idea why I have not purchased one of these sooner. My tote bags become these black holes that I can never find anything in and this is the perfect solution! I bought the large size.

2. Glass storage containers – I recently threw out all my plastic tupperware containers (mainly because they were falling apart and very old) and purchased these glass containers for food storage.

3. Wild blueberry powder – I follow the Medical Medium on Instagram and love so many of his nutritional suggestions (our entire household drinks celery juice every morning!). He talks about the amazing benefits of adding wild blueberries into your diet, though I don’t really love the taste of the frozen ones. So he suggested the powder and I absolutely love the taste! I sprinkle it on my oatmeal in the morning or add it into yogurt/smoothies.

4. NurturMe power blends pouches – I have mentioned before that these are Miles’ favorite pouches to eat and he has been loving them since he was an infant. I give them to him as a snack or in addition to his lunch or dinner so I can ensure he gets some healthy things into him (toddlers are the pickiest eaters UGH!).

5. Sunglasses – These look so similar to these Celine sunglasses and are only $10!

6. Gummy candies – I have these on automatic reorder because I absolutely love them. They are low in sugar but taste absolutely delicious.

7. Produce keeper – My spinach is forever wilting immediately after I purchase it so I wanted to try this and see if it stays fresher longer.

8. HALO Sleepsack – Miles has been sleeping in a sleepsack since he was a little over 6 months old. Sadly he will only be in one for a few more months because he is now in the largest size they make. It keeps him warm at night and eliminates the need for a blanket and it also helps him from not climbing out (I am convinced that if he wasn’t wearing this, he would figure a way to climb out of his crib each night EEK!).

In addition to the things I put in the collage, here are a few other items I purchased on Amazon in the past few weeks:

9. Mason jars – I ordered more of these jars because I use them for everything! I put my celery juice in it every morning, store Miles’ smoothies in them, use them for flower arrangements, etc. The possibilities are endless for mason jars!

10. Puzzles – I am a HUGE puzzle lover and do them regularly to keep myself relaxed and less anxious. I prefer the 1000 piece puzzles and this is my favorite brand.

11. Puzzle mat – This is the most genius thing ever! I do my puzzles on it, can move it around from room to room, and then store it away when I’m not working on it without worrying it will get messed up.

12. Revlon hair-dryer – This is the hair dryer that everyone has been raving about. It combines a hair dryer and round brush in one. I love using it on days that I don’t want to curl my hair. It dries my hair quickly and gives me a ton of volume!

13. Dyson vacuum toy for Miles – Miles is in the stage where he wants to do all the things we do, so I bought him this Dyson vacuum as well as this mop set and cleaning set.

14. Lily’s caramel & sea salt chocolate bars – I reordered these because they are my favorite low sugar chocolate bars (they are sweetened with stevia). This flavor in particular is delicious.