I have a HUGE sweet tooth and have to have dessert every single night. I will indulge here and there, but I have found a bunch of healthier options to have at night. I normally share all of these on my insta-stories, but had a ton of requests to put all of them into a blog post. What I love about all of these is that they taste just as delicious as their higher calorie counterparts so I don’t have to sacrifice flavor for something more healthy. Let me know if you try any of these and which ones you love!
1. Smashmallows – I LOVE marshmallows and found these last Halloween when walking through the grocery store. They come in a few different flavors (I love them all) and are made with simple ingredients, are gluten free and non GMO. These are also amazing to use for s’mores!
2. Lily’s Chocolate – I first started buying the chocolate chips from Lily’s┬áto have for dessert and then found the chocolate bars in store recently and love them even more! All of her chocolate products are sweetened with stevia instead of sugar but still taste delicious. I love the salted caramel and coconut bars.
3. Money on Honey Caramels – These are quite rich so I can only eat one or two but as a caramel lover, these really hit the spot. Instead of using corn syrup, they use honey and taste amazing. I prefer the French Sea Salt flavor out of all the options.
4. Nuts N’ More Peanut Butter Spread – Peanut butter with protein. That’s what this is and it is addictive! There are both peanut butter spreads and almond butter spreads in a variety of flavors. Salted Caramel is delicious and next on my list to try is the Chocolate Maple Pretzel.
5. Smart Sweets Gummies – Out of all six of these sweet treats, I eat these gummies the most. There are sweet and sour options and I love them all equally. There are only 3g of sugar per bag, no sugar alcohols and 28g of fiber. I used to order a few bags here and there, but now I order them by the case. LOL
6. Yasso Frozen Greek Yogurt Bars – I’m not a huge ice cream person but when I do want something cold, I really love the Yasso greek yogurt bars and greek yogurt pints. They are low-calorie and high protein because they are made with greek yogurt. I don’t even think I can pick a flavor I love the most because I get a new one each time!