Best Glowy SunscreensGlowy sunscreens are super popular right now and for good reason. Sun protection AND a healthy radiant finish to the skin?! Yes, please. But not all glowy sunscreens are created equal. I have tried a handful of them and some manage to even out the skin tone, impart a healthy radiance and give amazing sun protection. Other formulas are way too shiny and emphasize any and all imperfections. No, thank you. I have a roundup of glowy sunscreens I’m loving as well as some that I don’t love as much. I wanted to include both in this post for a more well rounded review.

Best Glowy Sunscreens

Best Glowy Sunscreens

RMS Beauty SuperNatural Radiance Serum SPF 30 in Light Aura (discount code: Maree-15)

This product is designed to be multi-purpose and correct, provide radiance and protect. It’s a tinted sunscreen that provides broad spectrum protection while also nourishing the skin and creating a soft focus radiance to the skin. Skincare ingredients such as niacinamide and pea extract help to smooth the skin and boost brightness over time. Their GlowComplex technology allows the formula to color correct, blur imperfections and provide a glowy not glittery effect.

Kosas DreamBeam

While I do love the texture of this sunscreen and the finish, the color is very dark for my fair skin tone. I can’t wear this alone so I often mix it in with my foundation to add a glowy warmth. It has a bit more coverage than the INNBEAUTY and Supergoop so it evens out the complexion a bit and does make the skin look really nice without emphasizing any texture/pore size/etc. But the color is just too dark and quite orange. If they came out with a color that was paler and a bit more cooler toned, I would definitely want to try it. For now, I add this to my paler foundations to make them work for the summer.

INNBEAUTY Mineral Sun Glow in Fair-Medium

This was the first product that I tried from INNBEAUTY and it instantly made me want to try the rest of the line. This is another glowy sunscreen but much more sheer than the RMS Beauty. It gives a gorgeous glowy look to the skin without managing to emphasize skin texture, pore size or fine lines. It doesn’t give any coverage but I still love to reach for this on the weekends when my skin is looking dull and I want a bit of freshness without opting for foundation or a skin tint. This one only comes in two shades and I wear the shade Fair/Medium.

Naturium Dew-Glow Moisturizer SPF 50

The newest addition to my sunscreen lineup but an instant love. This does not surprise me however because nearly every product I have tried from Naturium is amazing and the price points are SO AFFORDABLE! While the name is Dew-Glow, I would say this is the least dewy sunscreens out of this entire list. It’s creamy, moisturizing and leaves my skin with a natural finish. I can skip moisturizer on the days that I use this because it preps my skin so well for makeup.

Supergoop Glow Screen in Dawn

While this is a blog post about my favorite glowy sunscreens, I have to include my review of this because it’s a popular formula and one that I have been wanting to try. Sadly this was NOT a hit with me and I couldn’t stand the way it looked on the skin. It emphasized every single imperfection, made my face look like a disco ball and brought attention to every single pore of my face. It’s feels nice and lightweight so I will use this on my body so as not to waste it but it will not be a repurchase.

Glowy Sunscreen Swatches

Glowy Sunscreen SwatchesThere is definitely a wide range of undertones and coverage in the swatches. The RMS Beauty SuperNatural Radiance Serum is still my absolute favorite and top pick for a glowy sunscreen for the summer. Honestly I will be wearing it year round because of how gorgeous it looks on the skin but especially in the warmer months, it’s a must have.