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5 Natural Beauty Products To Put On Your Radar

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More and more over the past year or so, I have become drawn to natural skincare brands. Maybe because many of these brands are really stepping up their game when it comes to efficacy and I am really seeing results. I was never one to go the natural route with my makeup and skincare because I never saw the changes in my skin that I did with traditional over-the-counter brands. But that has since changed and I am finding a plethora of products that wow me immediately. Here are 5 that I have been testing and found to deliver quite well on their results:
1. Pestle & Mortar Pure Hyaluronic Serum – Could the packaging be any more perfect and chic? Maybe it was the understated clean aesthetic that initially drew me to this product, but what is in the bottle impressed me even more. A few pumps of this lightweight serum that absorbs instantly leaves my skin feeling like it has had an infusion of moisture. After only a few days of using, my skin looked plump and fresh and was able to maintain moisture levels longer throughout the day. I think this is a product that anyone can add into their routine because all skin types could benefit from more moisture.
2. Kypris Moonlight Catalyst – Buzz does not even begin to describe this brand and specifically this product. Kypris has been disrupting the skincare industry with their natural yet highly effective formulas. This particular serum has ingredients that perform much like retinol but are all natural in composition. The formula helps to regenerate the cells and boost turnover – which translated for me in gorgeous, glowy skin. I find that using this regularly helps reduce and heal any breakouts I may be having, while preventing future ones. I also experience smoother, more even toned skin – and less redness overall. It became a great all encompassing skin perfecting serum that targeted almost any and every concern I have. The only tip is that SPF must be worn during the day when using this regularly. No use in treating the skin with a great serum and then undoing it every day in the sun.
3. Tata Harper Concentrated Brightening Essence – Annnnnd the Tata Harper love affair continues. I have a few favorites from the line (this cleanser, this cleanser and this mask being my top 3), and this essence was another hit. While most of the essences in my collection target moisture levels and hydration, I enjoyed that this had the added benefit of brightening. The results were not instant, but more gradual and subtle. However, I am still using this every single morning and night and my usual hyperpigmentation I get on my forehead and hairline each summer is much less pronounced than ever before. While it may not be my strongest brightening or lightening product in my collection, it is something I have found to be helpful in an overall brightening skincare routine. I use it after I have cleansed and toned, but before I apply my serums. Patting it into my skin is my preferred method of applying essences, and no cotton is needed! 
4. May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon – If there was a hall of fame for natural skincare products, May Lindstrom would be one of the first inductees – I am sure of it. Her products are luxurious, pleasurable and effective. I have been eyeing this beauty balm ever since falling in love with this cleanser and this mask, and it was every bit the slice of skincare heaven I thought it would be. It’s intensely rich, but surprisingly not greasy or suffocating on my oily skin. After playing around with it for a bit, I find that it works best for me when used alone after cleansing and toning. I love getting it on my bare skin and allowing all the oils to soothe and calm my skin. On the advice of May herself, I massage it in to very damp skin making sure to breathe in all of the aromatic scents (the whole process is almost ritualistic) and then apply a generous amount of the Jasmine Garden after to add in more moisture. I had my mom use it one night, and she woke up the next morning asking if I could scoop out a bit for her to have because her skin looked absolutely radiant! We have both been using it non-stop ever since. 
5. May Lindstrom The Jasmine Garden – If there is one thing that may seem nonessential in my skincare routine, but in fact is very essential are my face mists. I love using them after a nice acid toner/during the day/after a hydrating mask – frankly it is always a good time to mist in my opinion. I adore this particular one because of its soothing properties. Not only does my skin feel hydrated (duh – it’s a mist after all LOL), but if anything is irritated or red it begins to calm after a few minutes of spraying this mist. And using it in conjunction with the Blue Cocoon is magic. 
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What are some of your favorite natural skincare products? Leave me a comment below because I am always looking for new ones to try!

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Face Masks You Mix

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I have quite a good number of masks in my skincare collection, but surprisingly I do not have any that I mix. And then in a matter of a few weeks, I had two different ones arrive for me to test and I wondered how I managed without one in my arsenal all this time.
1. May Lindstrom Skin The Problem Solver – This mask means business! Holy cow. Formulated with charcoal, soil nutrients, cacao and exotic warming spices, it is really going to make you feel like it’s working on your skin. Mix equal parts water and powder to form a light mousse texture and then use the brush to paint it on the skin (that is my favorite part – so luxurious). You can leave it on for up to 45 minutes, but be warned it will definitely tingle and has a slight warming sensation. I would patch test this if you have sensitive skin. Luckily, my skin is not sensitive so I was happy to feel it working. After almost an hour, I went to rinse it off and in addition to the purifying properties of the mask, it gives an amazing exfoliation as you remove it. My skin looked clean, radiant and felt like I had just had the facial of my life. It is clear that May only puts the best into her products just based on how the skin looks after using her products. Next on my list to try is this cult classic and this face oil. Both sound like heaven for the upcoming cold weather!
2. MV Skincare Signature Mineral Mask – This was the first mask I tried out of the two, and it gave a real “wow” effect from the first use. The texture of the powder and subsequent mask is a bit more gentle then the one from May Lindstrom. It is so finely milled that I took a deep breath while scooping it out and it went all over my bathroom sink. Whoops. Once I got the hang of mixing it (once again equal parts water and powder), this really gives a deep clean but without any tingling. But don’t let the gentle nature of this mask fool you, it is like a hoover vacuum for your pores. In fact, the first time I used it, I stared at my pores in the mirror for 2-3 minutes after because they looked as if I had had extractions done. THAT is how clean they were. But surprisingly, that is not even the mask’s intended purpose. It’s designed to help calm, nourish and soothe the skin, but I found that an added bonus was the clarifying effects it had on my pores. Add a few drops of one of their boosters (I love this one) to give the mask an extra oomph. And if you purchase the mixing bowl and brush with it, you can have your own spa day without ever leaving your house. YAS! Living that robe life while masking all day. There is nothing better.
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