Nothing lures me in like good packaging. I am a sucker for that each and every time.When I began seeing snippets of this new line, Smith & Cult, around the web and in the blogosphere, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. Created by Dineh Mohajer, who was the founder of Hard Candy cosmetics, the Smith & Cult line is a 5-free nail polish formula with the most unique packaging. The round shape mixed with the abstract silver cap makes for quite an impression. Even when I took one of them to the nail salon with me for the first time, the manicurist stopped for a second to admire the bottle. So with all this built up hype, I was lucky that the formula was one that I enjoyed just as much as the aesthetic. The colors I tested were Feed the Rich (green), Feathers & Flesh (nude), She Said Yeah (purple) and Teen Cage Riot (glitter).
Though most of my daily makeup is neutral central, I am surprisingly drawn to more unique nail polish colors, so I instantly grabbed for that purple shade called ‘She Said Yeah’. And the formula went on beautifully with just one coat – I was a bit shocked, to be honest. Out of all four shades, the only one that required a bit more precision when applying in order to get a full opaque look was the nude shade called ‘Feathers & Flesh‘.
The brush is quite thin so I find it easy to maneuver when applying the polish – I am not always a fan of the bigger brushes for nail polish. My most surprising find out of all four was the glitter shade called ‘Teen Cage Riot’. I typically am not drawn to glitter polishes because they can be patchy or too chunky on the nail, but this gives the most unbelievable even and opaque application. With just two coats, I was able to the most perfect finish.

I used my Sephora Formula X system for the base and top coat so I was able to get a good 5-6 days of wear out of each color. My favorite one is still the purple because of how vibrant yet pale it is, but the glitter came in a close second. Feather & Flesh was the perfect understated color for everyday and Feed the Rich was a nice change from the typical dark blues, purples and burgundies I have in my collection that I like to wear in the fall and winter.

You can currently find the line at Net-a-Porter and Neiman Marcus.