Patrick Ta Plumping GlossesThis year seems to be the year of ALL the lip launches. And frankly, I love it. LOL I LOVE testing out new lip products, formulas, colors, etc. I don’t know why it took me so long to test the Patrick Ta Plumping Glosses but I finally decided to get a few to try and thought I would do a full review. The Patrick Ta brand (founded by celebrity makeup artist Patrick Ta) has been hit or miss for me with some products being a huge hit and some products not working for me at all. New shades were recently released in the Plumping Glosses so I decided to try two. And then once I tried those, I immediately ordered four more shades to test.

I know this is going to be a bit controversial but I don’t think I buy into the “plumping” aspect of most glosses and find they do little to plump. The intense shine and glossiness normally does most of that but often anything that is plumping will have a tingling or stinging sensation which these definitely do. They are designed to make the lips appear fuller and more pouty. I have six shades to share in today’s post and will go into more detail about how they perform and if I would recommend them.

Patrick Ta Plumping Glosses

Patrick Ta Plumping Glosses reviewThe Patrick Ta Major Volume Plumping Glosses are a high shine and hydrating plumping gloss designed to make the lips look fuller, poutier and more voluminous. There are two different types of formulas – sheer and rich in the range. Some colors have shimmer and others are a cream flat finish. These are definitely a thicker type of texture so they are a tad sticky when you apply. The pigment on the rich shades are quite intense and really deliver a great color payoff. Because of the thicker nature of these plumping glosses, they do last longer on my lips than other similar formulas.

As far as the plumping aspect, I never really notice a different when it comes to plumping but these do have a tingling feeling to them which is supposed to plump them. I ended up loving a few of the shades while the others didn’t really do much. Here is a breakdown of all the lip gloss shades in the range:

Say Less

This is a rich milky pink in the creme finish. I do not have this color and to be honest, the reviews on it weren’t that great. Colors like this can be tricky because they are so pale and milky and often look best layered over something else.

Need Her

A rich soft blush color in the creme finish. This is the color that I tried that made me want to purchase more shades. It’s a great blush toned everyday lip color.


A rich toffee color in the creme finish. I was a bit on the fence about this color for me because I was worried it would be too dark. When I apply a thick layer, it is darker than I would normally wear but a thin layer is gorgeous. It’s a nice muted brown tint to the lips.


This is a rich chocolate shade in the creme finish. I love that the range offers a good variety of pale and deep shades and this one looks beautiful in the swatch photos online.

Want Her

A rich deep wine in the creme finish. This is the most beautiful lacquered burgundy red. I wouldn’t wear this regularly so I didn’t pick this up but I am obsessed with the intensity of how it looks on the lips.

Full Syringe

A sheer red in the sheer formulation. I was most excited to try this color and it is my absolute favorite of all the colors! The color looks really bright in the tube but is so much more wearable on the lips. I definitely think this would look great on almost any skin tone and can be worn alone or layered over something else.


A sheer baby pink in the sheer formulation. It has some shimmer in it which you can’t feel on the lips. This color is nothing special and would look best layered over something else rather than worn alone.

Looks Natural

A sheer clear shade. I didn’t try this but if you end up loving the formulation, this may be a good option to have to add a glass-like finish to any of your favorite lip colors.

2 CC’s

This is a sheer pink in the sheer formulation. I LOVE THIS COLOR!!! After Full Syringe, this is my second favorite. It’s a jelly-like texture and finish which makes the lips look like glass. It looks warm in the tube but skews a bit more cool on the lips. It enhances my natural lip color in the best possible way. A must try!


A sheer beige in the sheer formulation. Again nothing special and looks just like Pouty but more golden. It has shimmer in it which you can’t feel but still does nothing to make this color any more special.

Patrick Ta Major Volume Plumping Gloss Review

Patrick Ta Major Volume Plumping Gloss ReviewOverall, I absolutely loved the formula of the Patrick Ta plumping lip gloss. They deliver an intense high-shine finish and are very long wearing. In terms of plumping however, I didn’t see much though they do tingle when on the lips. They have a texture closer to a lip lacquer rather than a lip balm or oil (my current favorite are these Dior Addict Lip Glow Oils) so they can be a bit sticky, but that is what makes last much longer on the lips.

The creme formulation delivers really intense color payoff which I love and can easily be worn alone. The sheer formulation is definitely more sheer and doesn’t provide much pigment. Some of the very pale or very sheer shades were not my favorite and I don’t necessarily think are worth trying. The brighter sheer shades such as Full Syringe and 2 CC’s are absolutely amazing and make the lips look like glass.

When it comes to the packaging, my only complaint is the doe foot applicator. I am NOT a fan of it. It dips in a bit in the middle and I find that quite difficult to work with. It can make application a tad messy so start with a little and apply more as needed. I like that the shimmer in a few of the shades is nearly undetectable and doesn’t feel too gritty on the lips. Most of the shades I tried have a strong fruity scent to them so if you are sensitive to that, you may want to consider skipping these. I personally love the scent and find it enhances the experience of wearing them! Here’s a closer look at how each shade I purchased looks on the lips.

Patrick Ta Plumping Gloss Swatches

Patrick Ta Plumping Gloss SwatchesYou can definitely see from these pictures how the sheer formulation tends to give a bit more shine to the lips – giving them a glass-like look. It’s absolutely beautiful. The creme formulation is still quite shiny but doesn’t look as glossy as the sheer ones. Pouty and Superficial both have the same look on the lips but don’t really seem to be anything special. Full Syringe and 2 CC’s have that same sheer texture but really enhance the lips and make them look glossy and fresh. Overall, I am a fan of these but only a few of the shades – Need Her, Full Syringe and 2 CC’s. Those few shades, however, are probably going to move up quickly on my favorites list for best lip products because I love them so much!