Summer Fridays Lip Butter BalmsI’ve been a fan of the Summer Fridays beauty brand since they started. From the packaging to the formulations to the social media presence, Summer Fridays never seems to miss. Founded by two influencers based out of Los Angeles, I love how Summer Fridays as a brand still feels so connected to their audience. They are always crowdsourcing for new products, listening to consumer feedback and trying to provide their core audience with products they will love and use. I have purchased a ton of Summer Fridays products but a few of my standout favorites over the years have been the iconic Jet Lag Mask, the Sheer Skin Tint, the CC Me Serum and the Shade Drops SPF 30 Sunscreen.

Their Lip Butter Balms are also one of their most popular and constantly viral products. I purchased the clear lip butter balm a long time ago and really loved it so it was an easy decision to try the tinted lip butter balms next. Here’s my honest review on the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms and swatches of the shades I have.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms Review

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms reviewLip balms and especially tinted lip balms are incredibly popular right now and as someone who has a huge weakness for lip products (and has always had a big lip balm collection), this makes me so happy. LOL The Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms are one of the most popular formulas on the market and for good reason.

They are incredibly creamy, smooth and nourishing with a unique blend of vegan waxes while the tinted versions give the smallest hint of color to the lips. They are great worn alone for a no makeup day but also layer perfectly over a lip liner or lipstick for an added bit of shine and moisture. Compared to other lip balms I have, these are definitely one of the best in terms of keeping my lips nourished most of the day. I love wearing them during the day but they are rich enough to be used as a nighttime treatment.

Compared to the Rhode Lip Tints, the tinted lip butter balms are not as pigmented and much more sheer. The Rhode Lip Tints give great color payoff and have a slightly glossier finish. But as many reviews have shared, the Rhode Lip Tints get very gritty over time while the Summer Fridays ones do not. If you want to buy the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms as your primary daily lip color, they only give the slightest hint of color so you may find yourself layering them over other lip products that give more pigment. But overall, I do LOVE the formula of the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms and highly recommend them if you are looking for a nourishing lip formula to wear everyday.

Summer Fridays Lip Balm


  • The formula is smooth and incredibly nourishing.

  • I love the applicator and find it very comfortable to apply.

  • There are so many amazing scents to choose from.

  • The texture never gets sticky and the formula doesn’t get gritty over time

  • The tinted lip butter balms come in so many wearable shades.


  • While I do love these lip butter balms, they are on the pricey side for what they are. $24 is manageable but I do think they will continue to increase the price because they are so popular.

  • The tinted lip balms are super sheer and wearable but the downside is that they don’t give me enough color to wear alone. I usually have to layer them over something else.

  • This is a slightly ridiculous con but when they launch new shades, the hype is so big that they are often hard to get because they sell out so fast.

  • The scents are strong so if  you don’t like scents, you will probably not enough these lip balms.

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm Swatches

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm SwatchesAs you can see from the swatches, none of the ones I have give much color other than Vanilla Beige. I still really love Pink Sugar and the limited edition version Birthday Cake but just know that they don’t quite look as intense as the packaging.

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