Patrick Ta Glow Balm ReviewIf there is one season when you want to wear all the glowy body products, it is definitely summer. The Patrick Ta Glow Balm has been on my wish list for a while. So I decided to finally purchase it and try it out. Patrick Ta products are hit or miss with me – I have really enjoyed some and others were not a fit. Patrick Ta is a celebrity makeup artist who started his own brand a few years ago and it is has quickly gained massive popularity. He is known for creating looks that are glowy, sultry and beautiful and his product line has really reflected that.

Some of the products that I have and love are the Patrick Ta Plumping Gloss, the Major Sculpt Creme and Contour Powder Bronzer Duo and the Major Headlines Double-Take Creme and Powder Blush Duo. The Glow Balm is designed to be a face and body balm that gives an all over illuminating and glass like glow. I ordered the shade “She’s Glossy” which is a universal transparent color that is supposed to add a major glow and glossy luxe finish to the skin. Here are my thoughts on the product and some pictures of how it looks on the skin.

Patrick Ta Glow Balm

Patrick Ta Glow Balm ReviewSince I am using more cream and liquid cheek products, I was excited to try this Glow Balm for the face and body. It is designed to soften the skin while micro fine pearls leave a luxe dewy finish on the face and body. The reviews are somewhat mixed so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The Major Glow Balm can be used on the face or body and there are two shades available – She’s Glossy which is a universally transparent shade and She’s On Vacation which is a sunkissed bronze shade. Since I am very fair, I opted for She’s Glossy which I felt would be the better choice for my skin tone.

While I did enjoy certain aspects of the product and glossy finish, I didn’t completely love the formula. It stayed tacky and slightly greasy on the skin and never dried down which I did not love. There was a tiny bit of transfer onto my clothing but I honestly expected that. Since I am so fair, it didn’t pick up the light and glow like I wanted. And I figured I could get the same effect with a rich moisturizer or body oil.

Patrick Ta All-Over Glow Balm Review


Since it is a balm texture, I knew it may remain a bit tacky on the skin which it did. However, because this is a product that I would be using all over my body rather than just my face, I didn’t like that feeling. I can handle a balm-like texture on my face. But it bothers me when it’s on my arms, legs or chest.


I absolutely LOVED the scent!!! It smells amazing and has a fresh fruity fragrance to it that I wish he would bottle and sell on its own.

Price Point

This is a mid-range price body product at $50. You should only use a small amount at a time so it will last quite a while. But I feel you can find something similar for a lower price point.


It’s not completely transfer proof so just be aware of that when deciding what clothing to wear. It is best applied on dry skin (the Patrick Ta Body Brush is a good option for this) and in small amounts to prevent it transferring onto clothing and then reapply as desired.


Formulated with super nourishing jojoba oil and shea butter, this glow balm is really hydrating on the skin. However, the downside to that is that it remains slightly tacky.

How the Patrick Ta Glow Balm Looks on the Skin

How the Patrick Ta Glow Balm Looks on the SkinAs you can see from the above swatches, the balm gives a bit of a glow but the tacky feeling that it leaves is too much for me. I would use it more on my face than body. But it doesn’t seem practical to have a tub of it when I will only be using on my face. Sadly this was not a hit for me.

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