Oh good, another skincare category for me to obsess over. I wish I could say that I am being sarcastic, but I am dead serious. I am here for any and all skincare, makeup and beauty items. The idea of overnight masks did confuse me a bit at first – do I wear them alone, as a night cream, over serums, over moisturizers? I had all the questions. So I did a bit of research as well as some trial and error, and found that I prefer them alone or over a serum. But either way, I PREFER them…..always.
As a fan of both First Aid Beauty and NUDE Skincare, I had a sneaking suspicion these would knock my socks off. Spoiler alert: they did. I had the opportunity to try them both and have been testing them for the past month and a half. Both have similar properties and benefits for the skin, but each ended up having different results for me and significantly varied textures. 
1. NUDE Advanced Renewal Overnight Mask – I immediately liked this texture upon first application. It felt rich to the touch but absorbed instantly into the skin.  It did make my skin a bit oily but that was quickly remedied when I used less the following evening. The proof was in the morning after when I woke up and found my skin looking hydrated and rested. I find that this mask works best when my skin is irritated, red or dehydrated and by the next morning it’s as if any and all skincare sins have vanished. After a long day in the sun or if my skin is aggravated from acne treatments I may be using, this is a wonderful quick fix. I recommend using 1-2x/wk or more if needed. 
2. First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Overnight Mask – Now unlike the NUDE Mask, I did not prefer the texture upon first touch. And then I put it on my face. Welp, that changed it all. It has a gel-like, slippery texture that feels like it will turn your face into one big grease ball. Quite the contrary actually. I found that after a minute or two, it dries down to a matte finish and my skin looks instantly calmer. The main difference that I found with using this versus the Nude is it did have a beautiful brightening effect on the skin as alluded to in the name. The next morning I had an apparent ‘glow’ that stayed with me throughout the day. Is there any better reason to use a product?
I will admit both of these masks have begun moving in on my regular night creams, and I am reaching for them more than I thought I would. While I do advise to begin with 1-2x/week, I have found that during certain weeks I reach for them almost 4 nights a week. Yowsa! But neither have made me break out and my skin looks so great the next morning, why stop a good thing, right? Right. 
What has your experience been with overnight masks? Which ones do you prefer? Leave me a comment below!

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