It’s like all the major luxury beauty companies decided to get together and launch amazing new lip products all at once that will subsequently drain our wallets. Conspiracy! But being the beauty sheep that I am, I fell prey to their marketing strategies – hook, line and sinker. But thankfully I only purchased 1 or 2 pieces from each collection rather than succumbing to the whole collection. Then I would know I really lost my mind! Between Tom Ford’s new Matte Lip launch, Dior’s Rouge Dior Baume introduction and Chanel’s stunning Rouge Allure Gloss – lip product lovers have some great new releases to add to their collection. And because the red that NARS launched for holiday was one of the best reds I’ve ever seen, I had to include it in this post’s stellar line up. Below are the swatches I picked up from each brand. 
1. Tom Ford Matte in Velvet Cherry -I love a good matte lipstick so this new release was right up my alley. However, nude matte lips are not my cup of tea typically because it can enhance my lip lines, so I dove into this collection head first with a deep shade – Velvet Cherry. I actually thought this was going to be much darker (and was hoping for that), but I think Black Dahlia is closer to the vampy deep shade I had envisioned in my mind. However, that being said, I do love this color and find it incredibly wearable for day or night. It’s not as long lasting as I had anticipated and I found that the color began to dissipate around hour 4-5. The formula is ok, but not one of my favorite matte formulas (this one, this one and this one are three of my faves). Not sure if I will splurge on another, but happy I have this one.
2. NARS Lipstick in Deadly Catch – NARS sent this over as part of their holiday collection press preview and I just about lost my mind when I first put this color on my lips. LOOK AT THAT RED!!! It’s not one of the new Audacious formulas, but rather the standard NARS lipstick texture which I already enjoy. It almost skews a bit fuchsia when on, but regardless no holiday season will be complete without this one. TRUST ME.
3. Rouge Dior Baume in Lili and Spring – I had really hoped these two colors would look different from each other on the lips, but sadly they appear almost identical. I bought them online and wanted a more pinky nude but ended up with two corals – typical Maree. However, even though I bought two similar colors, I loved this formula. It’s smooth, hydrating and provides just enough pigment to show up nicely on the lips without ever being too much. Now that these are trickling into stores, I can tell you that I definitely want to pick up a few more colors. Unless another new lip product launches in the meantime……whoops.
4. Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss in Sensible and Pirate – I’m not a huge fan of the Chanel Glossimers (I know, beauty blasphemy right?), but when I was at the Chanel counter recently I had the chance to try these new Rouge Allure Glosses and thought they were a nice lipstick/lip gloss hybrid. They tend to be a bit creamier on the lips than most glosses, which is why I was so drawn to them. The tackiness of a gloss is an absolute no-go for me, so they have to have a smooth feel with little to no stickiness. These actually remind me of the Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lip Glosses which are one of my favorite formulas, so I’m happy to find another product that provides that same feel on my lips. Sensible is a beautiful nude coral, while Pirate is the complete opposite with its cherry red pigmentation. I do have to mention however that the color looks a bit patchy in the above picture, however it does not appear that way in person. My camera is just biased against Chanel, I guess.

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