Remember that children’s story about the old woman that lived in her shoe? Well, I feel like I will be the old woman that lives in a lipstick. Or with lipsticks. Or made out of a house of lipsticks. Lipsticks are the easiest satiate that need to get some retail therapy and have always been one of my favorite makeup products. So I thought this post was necessary – a list of my absolute favorite holy grail lipstick formulas (and a few glosses thrown in there because they are too good not to mention). Most of these have been in my collection for a while and continue to remain a favorite. All have been reviewed on the blog before so I will link back to prior posts that feature each one.
1. Chantecaille Lip Chics (post here) – Though this sounds almost ridiculous, these lipsticks feel like they are actually hugging my lips when I apply them. The color immediately adheres to the lip but in the softest and smoothest way. And since just about every lipstick in the world makes my mom’s lips peel, the fact that these do not speaks again to their amazing formula.
2. Hourglass Extreme Sheen Lip Gloss (post here and here) – While I will always reach for a lipstick first, these Hourglass Lip Glosses can definitely compete. They feel more like a creamy balm on the lips than a sticky, tacky gloss. So in addition to giving insane shine and coverage, they help to nourish and moisturize my lips.
3. Clinique Color Pop Lip Colors (post here) – Something about these lipsticks appealed to me from the moment they launched. I don’t know if it was the name, the packaging, the colors – who knows, but I immediately was excited to try them. And they thankfully lived up to my imagined hype. The formula is incredibly creamy, yet has coverage that rivals the matte-st of lipsticks. Between the gorgeous nudes and vibrant bold shades, there is a color for everyone.
4. Lipstick Queen Cupid Strikes pencils (post here) –  When I first got into buying jumbo lip pencils, I was all over the NARS formulation. However, since then I have found a handful of other brands that blow NARS pencils out of the water. These pencils from Lipstick Queen are the perfect middle ground in terms of formulation. Medium coverage, demi-matte and last a good 4-5 hours but don’t need industrial strength cleanser to remove.
5. Sisley Phyto-Lip Twists (post here) – Ok, I will admit it was the zebra print packaging that first lured me in with these lip pencils. But thankfully, the formula and color range kept me using them again and again. The texture is a hybrid between a balm and lipstick, with a slightly creamy/glossy finish. I adore wearing them alone (see Cherry in action in this outfit post), and because of their moisturizing formula I also add them on top of a more drying lipstick to help make my lips more comfortable.
6. Buxom Lip Polish (post here) – I can take it or leave it with those lip plumping products that make your lips tingle (and occasionally burn – eek). So I gave the side eye to Buxom lip polishes and creams forever because of this. But I heard over and over (and over) again just how phenomenal they were and didn’t understand what the hype was all about. Finally I had the chance to try them and within a few seconds of applying to my lips I understood the buzz.  They glide on easily, have a minty scent and give a light tingle that actually feels fresh on the lips rather than bothersome. The nude shades are my favorite and shockingly they never settle into lip lines which is my struggle with all neutral toned glosses. They wear beautifully alone or over top another color and I need to touch up less often than most other glosses.
7. Bobbi Brown Art Sticks (post here and here) -THE most perfect matte jumbo lip pencil ever. Hands down. All the rest can go home. These are not drying, glide on effortlessly and last forever. All matte lipsticks should take a lesson from these art sticks – they are the gold standard in my opinion.
8. Gucci Audacious Color-Intense Lipstick (post here) – While I only have one shade in this formulation (Iconic Red), it still earns a place in my favorites because it is one of the best made lipsticks I’ve ever tried. It’s full coverage yet not a mess to apply, creamy with just enough slip and gives a natural finish that skews neither too matte or too shiny. It’s perfectly in the middle. And writing this post reminds me that I need to buy more colors. *adds to cart*
9. Aerin Rose Balm Lipsticks (post here) – I picked these up when they launched a few years ago and have loved the formulation ever since. They are a sheer to medium balm-like lipstick that gives the lips the healthiest looking shine. Lip lines look minimized and they are perfect for summer because of the sheer nature and winter because of the moisturizing formula. 

What are you favorite lipstick and/or gloss formulas?! Leave me a comment below!