MAKE Beauty Multi-Chromatic Eyeshadows ReviewNever have I run to purchase a product so fast as I did these new MAKE Beauty Multi-Chromatic eyeshadows. I have not tried anything from MAKE Beauty in years but when I saw these eyeshadows all over my social media, I knew I HAD to try them. If there is one thing to know about me, I love sparkly eyeshadows. And maybe even sparkly lip colors too. The 5 year old in me is still so drawn to all the shiny things and these eyeshadows looked like they would be over the top radiance. Spoiler alert: I was not wrong. These shadows will make your eyelids GLISTEN and GLOW! I am sharing swatches in today’s post but honestly, pictures don’t quite do them justice. They are so much more stunning in person. And there are shades for every preference – whether you want something neutral or something totally bold and vibrant.

MAKE Beauty Multi-Chromatic Eyeshadow Review

MAKE Beauty Multi-Chromatic Eyeshadows ReviewAs I said earlier, I have not tried anything from MAKE Beauty in at least 8+ years. I was never wowed by the line but over the past year, they have been putting out products that have really caught my eye. The packaging has looked beautiful and I’ve seen great reviews across the board for the brand. But I still wasn’t moved enough to try anything until I saw this newest launch. I had to try these and thankfully they lived up to my hopes and expectations.


I’m not actually sure if these are technically a cream or a powder and the description online doesn’t totally make it clear, but to me it feels like a mix of both. It is super smooth and creamy yet can be chunky if you try to pick up too much with your brush or finger.


This is high-intensity shine! Almost like a foil or liquid metal look. This isn’t subtle in the slightest so you have to be prepared for that if you want to wear it during the day. I LOVE that and adore how these look on the lids.


These are richly pigmented from just one swatch. There is a tad bit of fallout so use a light hand when applying. They blend really easily and the shimmer doesn’t sheer out the more you blend it which I personally love.

Price Point

At $24, I think these are priced really well! Compared to other solo shadows I have and use, these far outperform many of them in terms of how beautifully they blend and the shine is stunning.


There was a tad bit of creasing after 4+ hours but it was very slight. I would definitely recommend using an eyeshadow base or primer with these to give the shimmer pigment something to adhere to.

MAKE Beauty Eyeshadows

How to Apply the MAKE Beauty Multi-Chromatic Eyeshadows

Use an eyeshadow primer

Either a primer or creamy eyeshadow stick would be perfect to use before applying these shadows.

Be light-handed

Because there is some fallout with using these shadows, go in with a light hand. If you dig the brush or your finger into the product, you will have flakes everywhere.

Press the shadow onto the lids

With the high chance of fallout, I use a pressing motion or a firm slow swiping motion to apply the shadow. Anything too quick will have powder all over my face.

Use a brush or your fingers

I can’t really which would work better because I have tried both ways to apply the shadow and find each to be equally suitable. The warmth of my fingers however really brings out the shine of the shadows so I prefer to apply them with my fingers and then blend out slightly with a brush.

MAKE Beauty Multi-Chromatic Eyeshadow Swatches

MAKE Beauty Multi-Chromatic Eyeshadows SwatchesI only purchased three shades but I tried to get the most neutral colors because that is what I will wear the most. There are a gorgeous mix of neutral and bold colors in the collection but I do wish they would add a paler champagne color at some point. Other than that, I love the range of colors. My absolute favorite shade is Glaze. It is breathtaking and even more beautiful in person. After Glaze, I love wearing Gleam but it is a tad darker so I don’t think I would wear it every day. Quartz is the darkest color I got but is still beautiful enough to wear during the day. Here’s a rundown of all the shades available:

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Have you tried these? What are your thoughts?