All the Books I Read in February 2024

All the Books I Read in February 2024

1. The Locked Door

I keep reading more of Frieda McFadden’s books because I loved The Housemaid so much. But most of them don’t quite captivate me as much. This one is good and the ending will definitely keep you guessing, but it wasn’t a favorite for me. Nora is a successful surgeon and lives a quiet, peaceful life. This is her choice because of the horrific childhood she endured growing up. Her father was a serial killer and once he was caught became very famous. She has been trying to outrun his notoriety for years and has seemingly found anonymity. Until one of her patients is murdered in a similar manner to her father’s victims and she fears someone is a copycat killer. I did love that the ending was a huge twist that I didn’t see coming. But overall it was good but not great. Rating: 7.5

2. His & Hers

LOVEDDDDD! I loved this book! And to be honest, I have read a few other Alice Feeney books and didn’t love them but this was really captivating. This book is told from three different perspectives which I really enjoyed. It was easy to follow and interesting to see the story from varying perspectives.

Anna is a reporter for a British news station and is asked to cover a murder case in a small village nearby. She is hesitant to report on it because she knows the victim and has history with her. Additionally Anna has to communicate with the investigator, Jack Harper, whom she also has a past with and wants to avoid. Jack just wants to solve the case but when he realizes that HE also has a connection to this victim, things get really complicated quickly. The story is told from Anna and Jack’s perspective as well as the killer’s perspective which really throws you off throughout the story. The final reveal is totally shocking and unexpected! Rating: 9

3. The Last Party

Too many characters to follow and I kept getting confused as to who was who. Rhys Lloyd is a popular singer that is found dead on New Year’s Eve after hosting a huge party at his home. When investigators begin to question the partygoers, it becomes quickly apparent that Rhys Lloyd had many enemies and the suspect pool becomes quite large. Investigators also have to question all the people in the surrounding community. Which is very small but adds more complications to the investigation. The actual murderer was a complete surprise but getting there too way too long and involved too many people. Rating: 6

4. I Know You Know

Another disappointment sadly and I almost didn’t finish this book because it didn’t keep my attention. Cody Swift is a filmmaker that travels back to his hometown to investigate the deaths of his two childhood best friends. The case was never solved and Cody wants to try uncover new evidence that may lead to an arrest. Jess, the mother of one of the boys killed, is first on Cody’s list to speak with but she wants nothing to do with his investigation. Jess has her own sordid past that she doesn’t want to revisit but she is suspicious of Cody’s true intentions. Once Jess decides to ask her own questions about the case and remembers forgotten events from that fateful evening, the truth may not be what Cody is actually seeking. Overall, the story was a hard to follow and not that interesting. Rating: 5

5. Girl, 11

I saw a review of this book on Tiktok and immediately added it to my “TBR” (to be read) list. When I finally got around to reading it, it did leave me a tad underwhelmed.

Elle is a former social worker that now hosts a popular true crime podcast that focuses on cases surrounding missing and abducted children. She decides to revisit a serial killer case that was never solved but has haunted residents of her community for decades. Elle has a special connection to this case that hardly anyone knows about. But it is what drives her to try and catch this elusive killer. After being inactive for nearly 20 years, TCK (the countdown killer) seems to be terrorizing this community once again and Elle is determined more than ever to help the police find him. But when TCK’s next victim is a close person to Elle, she realizes that this may be more personal than she thought. Rating: 7.5

6. I Know Who You Are

This book was also written by Alice Feeney and after falling in love with His and Hers, I decided to try another one of her books (though I have not previously been a fan of hers). Sadly, this again confirmed my thought that His & Hers was a one-off for me because this book was not enjoyable. And to be honest, the ending was a tad shocking and not in a good way. Aimee Sinclair is a well-known actress with a troubled past. She has worked for years to distance herself from it. But when her husband goes missing she must face her past in order to figure out who could be targeting her. IF you do read this, just know that the final reveal is shocking in a truly gross way. Literally any other plot line would have been welcome except this one. Ewww. Rating: 5


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