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A quick recap of some of my recent outfits on Instagram, along with some random things that have been on my mind.
1. I’m so glad I am not pregnant this summer because the weather has been hot, humid, sticky, rainy and downright awful most of the season. Last summer I was worried about being pregnant in the heat but surprisingly it was a mild one¬† and so easy to dress for.
2. Stan is growing tons of vegetables in our backyard garden and I am currently eating a cucumber salad he made from some cucumbers he just picked. Yum!
3. Does anyone else have their nails break right before they go to get a manicure? I am forever breaking a ton the day before.
4. I was on a good streak with drinking water and getting my necessary ounces in a day. And then I just fell off completely. I find myself in the middle of the day chugging water to make up for what I haven’t had yet. Why is it so hard? (for me at least)
5. I have fallen into a showhole with Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. It’s absolutely hysterical and I love every episode!
6. Watching that show makes me want to drink all the coffee. I think I am going to explore some more local coffee shops over the next few weeks.