I received an email recently asking what luxury products I would recommend splurging on. The reader had a few gift cards and wanted to put them towards something special. I emailed her my suggestions but thought this would also make a fun blog post! Many of these are on my own wish list so I didn’t have to think too long and hard about what to include. Ha!
1.  These sneakers are not everyone’s cup of tea but I have three pairs and absolutely adore them. I have been wearing them for years and love the distressed details, fun prints and colors they come in. A bunch are on sale currently and worth checking out!
2. I love Gucci bags and think their designs are some of the best. This velvet one has been on my wish list for awhile and I think it is the perfect size.
3. Small wallets or card cases are always a good idea. Especially if you change bags frequently, they will fit in almost any purse.
4. For all my clip-on earring lovers (I have pierced ears but actually prefer wearing clip-ons), I adore Rebecca de Ravenel’s designs. This style and this style are probably my favorite.
5. I don’t care that everyone has this belt, I still love the look of it! Especially because it can be worn with blazers, sweaters, dresses, jeans, pants – the possibilities of styling it are endless.
6. A classic pair of splurgeworthy pumps with a bit of a twist! They come in so many different colors and also in a flats version
7. I’ve been lusting after this bag for years. It’s quite an interesting shape and if you like owning bags that are a bit less known, this is a great one to get.
8. These are the ultimate splurge in sunglasses but they are off the charts CHIC!
9. If Golden Goose is not your style, these sneakers have a similar look but without the distressed details.
10. I’ve had these classic black flat boots for 4 years now and they are still one of my best splurges.
11. If your gift cards are extra large, this blazer is the ultimate luxe purchase. The shape is like no other and will still be considered an amazing piece 25 years from now.
12. The red details on this tote bag are absolutely gorgeous. It matches the red details on all his shoes!
13. There is no other silk blouses quite like Equipment. I have a few and they are worth every penny. This print is one of my favorites and mine still looks brand new after having it for a few years.
14. This bag is a bit vintage looking, but still so cute.

Which one is your favorite? Which piece would you splurge on?