Last year Miles was sound asleep in our family photos so this year was a completely different experience! I picked a secluded walking path near our house so that Miles could run around freely without us worrying where he was going. I was trying to decide on an outfit theme for the photos and then realized that all of us have brown/denim/blue in our wardrobes which was perfect. I knew we would be running around after Miles so I wanted Stan and I to be comfortable. LOL I loved how the photos came out and Paula, our photographer, did an amazing job of capturing Miles at all the right moments. 
This Christmas will be a relaxed one at home and I am looking forward to having Miles play with all the boxes from the toys that he will be getting from Santa. Because the toys are never the star of the show, it’s the boxes that keep him entertained. Ha! 
Wishing everyone celebrating a Merry Christmas and a peaceful holiday season!