Sweater – La Vie Rebecca Taylor (comes in white here and also available here) | Jeans – GRLFND | Bag – Gucci | Shoes – Manolo Blahnik (similar here) | Sunglasses – Stella McCartney (similar here) | Earrings – Lele Sadoughi (similar here)


I received a question on my insta-stories the other day about how I take care of my luxury pieces specifically shoes and handbags. So I thought I would share that in today’s post. It’s not a long list but there are a few things that I do and have been doing for years to help extend the wear and protect my favorite luxury pieces.
With my shoes, the biggest protective measure I take is to add rubber soles on the bottom. I started doing this when I was back in NYC because I walked so much and the soles of my shoes would become worn down quickly. A shoe salesman at Saks recommended I add a rubber sole and I have been doing it ever since. I take it to any shoe repair or cobbler in my area and while it is an extra expense, it helps my shoes last much longer. I also replace the heel taps on my high heels every few months which helps as well. As far as suede protection, I surprisingly don’t use anything and all my suede pieces have stayed in good shape for many years. However, I did receive a foam sponge from Stuart Weitzman when I purchased a pair of suede boots from them and I use that to brush the suede on all my shoes/boots. I tried to google something similar and this is the exact type of sponge that I have (I’m sure it’s a standard item in the shoe repair world). It helps the suede stay looking smooth and removes most scuff marks. I also keep most of the dust bags that come with all my shoes and handbags and stuff them in my boots to help them keep their shape. I know you can buy boot shapers but  using the dust bags has always worked well for me (it’s also a way to store those dust bags in a useful way).
For my handbags, one of the biggest things that I do to help them look their best is keep the stuffing that comes in them. Handbags can easily begin to lose their shape so I find that keeping them stuffed when not using them helps them keep their shape longer. I also use the shoe suede sponge on my bags to help brush any suede spots and keep them looking fresh. I keep some of my purses in their dust bags when I’m not using them though sometimes I forget if I’m being honest. I have some bags displayed in my office and have not had any issue with them being exposed to some sunlight or dust. However, if you have any specific leather protector that you use and find works, please leave me a comment below for any readers that may be looking for recommendations!
Most of the care for my shoes or handbags is pretty basic because for the most part I am quite gentle with everything. And surprisingly I was able to keep most of my shoes and handbags looking great even while wearing them around NYC for years (I would never leave the house without an umbrella so rain damage was something I never struggled with!). If you have any tips of your own for how you keep your luxury goods looking their best, I would love to know! Send me a message or leave me a comment below.