Are you breathing heavy?  Did your pulse just start racing?  Because mine did.  Reed. Krakoff. Is. On. Sale. OMG – I think I just fainted a little.  Ok, pulling myself together for the sake of the message.  Which is – GO SHOP NOW!  I did you a favor and pulled out some of my favorites – I know, I know, you are welcome.  In case you didn’t know, Krakoff was the person responsible for putting Coach on the map a few years ago, as their president and creative director.  He seemed to breathe new life into the brand – making the fashion world stand up and take notice again.  So naturally, when he branched out on his own to design his eponymous line, the masses follow.  I adore the clean lines and simple shapes that has become his calling card, not to mention the colors – punchy and bright/neutral and classic,  just how I want my accessories (and life for that matter) to be.  And here are the winners, starting from the top left and going clockwise.