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Sometimes you just have to turn to the experts for some inspiration….and by experts, I mean Tommy Tom’s street style shots of SS2013 Fashion Weeks.  Pouting in front of my closet, complaining I have nothing to wear and putting on the same thing over and over is the true definition of insanity.  So therefore, I need a jolt.  An infusion of fashion wonderment for the eye to make me have ‘dressing butterflies’ again while getting ready in the morning.  If you have never perused any street style websites, or photos, you are missing out.  Not because you are actually going to dress like that but because you need to be reminded of what is possible – to wear that is.  To see fashion at its most avant garde moments and realize it is only clothing and meant to be fun.  It may feel a little funny at first to put on a striped top with a hounds tooth skirt, but trust me, pack your day with tons of meetings and errands and before you know it, you plowed through an entire day mixing patterns.  Bucket list – check!  And perhaps the next day it is back to your Johnny Cash-esque color story, but for one day it felt good to be different than what you know.  It felt good to be inspired.