Sweatshirt (40% off today!!) | Sweatpants (40% off today!) | Slippers (mine are sold out but these are very similar) | Lamp | Rug | Side table | Cactus art | Clear nesting tables | Chunky blanket | Settee (similar)

I think it’s pretty clear at this point that I am a loungewear connoisseur. An aficionado. The cozy queen. LOL Working for home has really made me want to be comfortable but still look cute. I know many of you like when I feature loungewear pieces I’m loving so I thought I would dedicate an entire blog post to rounding up some of the best sets and comfy clothing to wear at home or when lounging around. Especially now that the holidays are here and winter will be following shortly after, now is the time to find something that you will want to wear when staying indoors for the next few months. I divided them up by price (under $100 and over $100) so there is a bit of something for everyone! Keep calm, and be cozy! 🙂