Clarins V-Facial Instant DePuffing Face Mask ReviewA cult classic. One of the best masks you will try. Delivers on its results. These are usually some of the things I will say to my friends and readers when I’m talking about the Clarins V-Wrap Instant Depuffing Face Mask. To be honest, it took me a long time to try this even though I am user of Clarins products for many years. It was always on my radar but I never got around to using it until last year. I’m like wow. Wow. Wow. That was my reaction afterwards! LOL It truly is a magic mask!

Clarins is a brand that has been creating effective skincare products for decades and is one of those brands that I have consistently used in my skincare routine for so long. Whether it’s their body products or face products, I find myself regularly repurchasing from them. I know many of my readers have tried this mask after I’ve shared my love for it, but I thought I would do a more in-depth review for those that may not have had the pleasure of experiencing this depuffing miracle.

Clarins V-Facial Instant Depuffing Face Mask Review

Clarins V-Facial Instant DePuffing Face Mask Review

How does the Clarins V-Wrap Instant Depuffing Face Mask Work?

The Clarins V-Wrap Instant Depuffing Mask is a treatment designed to help reduce puffiness, refine facial contours and minimize swelling. Whether you had a sleepless night, enjoyed too much salt or alcohol the night before or regularly wake up with puffiness, this 10-minute mask will instantly help to relieve all of it. It’s designed for all skin types so anyone can benefit from it. The texture is a creamy mousse that feels refreshing on the skin as soon as you apply. The various ingredients help to reduce swelling, eliminate puffiness and boost the skin’s overall radiance.

Results I Saw From Using the Mask

Results will vary from person to person and though I am not someone that struggles with intense puffiness, I noticed instantly that my face looked more contoured and firm right after using. My face looked bright and radiant and my skin felt smooth, supple and well moisturized too. I will mention though that if you are struggling with dehydration or dryness, this mask will only slightly address those concerns. It is mainly designed to address puffiness and swelling from such things as heat, hormones and stress. You may want to follow it up with a hydrating mask separately to address any dehydration specifically.

V-Wrap Instant Depuffing Face Mask Ingredients

The combination of horse chestnut, beautyberry and ginger extract is the magic trio that really helps to address any swelling or puffiness. The added boost of radiance comes from the lady’s mantle extract which helps to target dullness. There is additionally an anti-pollution complex that helps to protect the skin from indoor and outdoor pollutants.

Clarins DePuffing Face Mask Before and After

Clarins DePuffing Face Mask before and afterAs I shared earlier, I don’t struggle with intense swelling in the morning but my face can be a bit puffy when I wake up. And if I was up during the night with my son then my face overall will feel a bit lackluster and dull. I notice the results the most in my cheekbones and jawline. My face definitely looked a bit more round and less defined in the before photo but my cheekbones are much more visible and my chin looks slimmer and more angular in the after.

How to Use Clarins V Facial Intensive Wrap

How to Use Clarins V Facial Intensive Wrap


Apply a thin layer

Though you may feel like the thicker the layer, the better the results but this isn’t the case. Only a very thin layer is needed for the mask to work effectively. Ensure you cover the areas of the face that you want to target but stick with a layer thin enough that you can see through. Clarins shares a great technique called their auto-lifting method detailed on their site which you can do while the mask is applied.

Avoid the eye area

Since this mask targets puffiness and swelling, many people want to apply it under the eye but it’s best to avoid with this mask. Use a separate eye treatment such as these depuffing eye patches or an under eye mask that is formulated to treat the delicate skin.

Leave on for 10 minutes

I have left this mask on for longer than 10 minutes but the results were no better than what I achieved with the suggested time. For that reason, I would stick with Clarins’ recommendation for the mask to effectively work.

Use in the morning or as needed

Typically the morning is when most people struggle with puffiness or swelling, so that is when I typically use it. However, it is also a great mask to apply before a special event if you want to firm the face and help to refine facial features.

Rinse with cool water

Obviously you can choose warm water if you don’t like cool water on the face, but the addition of the cool water at the end of the mask will help to amplify those depuffing results. I like to take a damp cool washcloth and place it over my entire face at the end of 10 minutes, leave it on for a few seconds and this gently wipe off the mask.

Where to Buy Clarins Depuffing Face Mask

Where to Buy Clarins V Facial Intensive Depuffing Face Mask