Here is a secret about me – I was never preppy.  Stylish, fashionable, maybe even a tad flashy – but not preppy.  Hell – I didn’t even buy my first proper button down that was not uniform mandated until last year.  I will let that sink in for a moment.  Alright, are we back?  Good.  I don’t know what my aversion was to it but as I wise up in my older years, I find myself gradually warming to the idea.  And this weekend seemed like a full on prep explosion.  I mean, I was wearing J. Crew head to toe (which I did not realize until I went to write this post – it had to be the influence of their recent catalog’s appearance in my home).  But nonetheless, I quite enjoyed the look.  The blouse was a vibrant royal blue gingham and my loafers were glitter, so there was definitely some sartorial jazz hands going on in my outfit still. I did unfortunately match my belt to my shirt, so that was where I felt slightly disappointed in myself, but when you know better (see yourself in photos) you do better.  That utility jacket though, has been rocking my world.  Worn with jeans is the obvious choice, but I have paired with a pencil skirt and work attire and find it meshes nicely with lots of different looks.  Universal prep – I dig.  Evolving style – I dig.  Fashion always with a side of sass – I dig.   

Jacket – J.Crew | Blouse – J.Crew | Belt – J.Crew | Jeans – J.Crew | Loafers – J.Crew (similar here and here)