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J. Crew Chambray shirt with Madewell jeans.
Denim and Leopard loafers
There are those days when deciding what to wear can take so much effort.  Staring blankly at my closet waiting for it to talk to me, trying to “shop my closet” as all those magazines say even though it never seems to make me as happy as doing it in a store, getting dressed and undressed and dressed again trying to find something that achieves the “oh I just threw this on” look….it can be maddening.  And then there are the times, when all that fades away and it seems so clear – DENIM ON DENIM.  Duh.  Add some leopard loafers, a scarf bigger than necessary, a bracelet that looks like a humongous nail and Voila!  An outfit fit for not thinking.  The key then is – find a random side street, use all surrounding buildings and railings as props and set up your own photo shoot.  Don’t forget to pepper in the random strangers walking by awkwardly staring and pointing.  Then tell them you have a blog, wait for their confused expressions, and rush off because you have to finish shooting while “the light is still good!!!!”  Trust me.  It’s super fun.  
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Shirt – J. Crew | Jeans – Madewell | Scarf – Club Monaco (similar here)  | Belt – J. Crew | Loafers – J. Crew (similar here) | Bracelet – Giles & Brother