Best Tinted Lip BalmsBest Tinted Lip BalmsIf there is one makeup product I have in abundance, it’s lip products. Lipsticks, lip glosses, tinted lip balms, lip oils – I love them all. And this year has been the year of the tinted lip balm! So many new ones have been released and more colors have been released in old favorites. Even though I like wearing a full face of makeup nearly every day, I love the idea of a moisturizing lip balm with a bit of tint to wear either alone or layered over another lip product.

Tinted lip balms are a great way to hydrate, moisturize and protect your lips while also giving them a hint of color. Some are good at providing great color while others have really intense nourishing properties, and some manage to blend the best of both worlds into one formula. When choosing a tinted lip balm, you should consider how much pigment you want, the application you prefer and whether you want it also provide other benefits such as sun protection. There is definitely something out there for everyone and I am sharing a round up of the best tinted lip balms from my lip balm collection and what I love about each formula.

13 Best Tinted Lip Balms

Best Hydrating Tinted Lip Balms

Summer Fridays Lip Butter BalmsRhode Peptide Lip Tints

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balms

They are cruelty free, incredibly creamy, smooth and nourishing with a unique blend of vegan waxes and shea butter and the tinted versions give the smallest hint of light color to the lips. They are great worn alone for a no makeup day but also layer perfectly over a lip liner or lipstick for an added bit of shine and moisture. Compared to other lip balms I have, the Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm is definitely one of the best in terms of keeping my lips nourished most of the day. I love wearing them during the day but they are rich enough to be used as a nighttime treatment.

Rhode Peptide Lip Tints

My lips feel incredibly nourished and moisturized when using this and rivals some of my favorite lip treatments. The difference with this is that it makes my lips look better than most of my other lip balms. It looks gorgeous worn alone on bare lips but also layered over my favorite lip liner or lip color for a boost of shine. For a super intensive overnight treatment, I wouldn’t choose this and find it’s better worn during the day to keep my lips soft. I will also use it as a touch up throughout the day whenever my lips feel dry.

UBeauty The Plasma Lip Compound

In terms of skincare benefits, the Plasma Lip Compound is geared most at treating the lips immediately and over time. There are strengthening ceramides and peptides designed to boost collagen tissue and restore lipid levels. There is a clear version as well as tinted versions available. This gives a VERY glossy and wet look to the lips that looks gorgeous but doesn’t necessarily last very long. I do love the silky texture and how it makes my lips feel – the color Rose is absolutely stunning. That being said, they are incredibly pricey ($68) and there are similar formulas in this roundup that could achieve the same look at a lower price point.

Best Drugstore Tinted Lip Balms

Best Drugstore Tinted Lip Balms

L’Oreal Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick

The formula is truly the best of both worlds with a lipstick formula that wears and feels like a moisturizing lip balm. Whether you wear makeup or not, I definitely think these L’Oreal Glow Paradise Balm-in-Lipstick is a lip product that almost everyone would love. It’s quite sheer which makes it easy to throw on and go and it’s gentle enough for sensitive lips. I have a few colors in this formula but my favorite by far is Peach Charm. It’s a vibrant bright coral in the tube but goes on like a subtle hint of peach color.

Naturium Phyto-Glow Lip Balm

Though these are not actually sold at the drugstore, the price point is comparable to that of those found in the drugstore. For $10, these are some of the best tinted lip balms I’ve tried! I love the creamy nourishing feel and the hint of color that they give. There are a ton of colors to choose from – everything from neutral tones to soft plums, vibrant pinks and reds. All still give a sheer wash of color while keeping the lips super hydrated and moisturized.

Best Natural Tinted Lip Balms

Natural Tinted Lip Balms

Jones Road Beauty Lippie Stick

These are the closest thing you will get to a traditional chapstick but with more color. They are easy to throw on and go, adds a bit of moisture to the lips and can easily be reapplied throughout the day. Most of the colors are very sheer and natural but if you want something with a bit more pigment, I recommend Flushed. It gives the lip a bright pop of pink without being too much.

Flyte.70 S+S Lip Sheer (discount code: Maree15)

Out of this entire lip of lip tints, these make my lips look the smoothest and minimize fine lines. The formula is incredibly nourishing and the color range is wearable but definitely still gives a healthy dose of pigment. The entire Flyte.70 line is formulated to be suitable for all ages but they especially target more mature skin types and concerns. That is why I absolutely LOVE these because the smoothing effect they give the lips is beautiful!

Ravie Beauty Effortless Lips

This is new brand to me but I instantly fell in love with these moisturizing lip tints. They are actually more of a mix between a lipstick and lip tint with great pigment and a richly nourishing formula. There are only a few colors in the range right now but I hope they release more shades in the future. I would definitely get more of these!

Ilia Balmy Tint Hydrating Lip Balm

If you are someone that doesn’t love a lipstick and wants a hydrating formula with a bit of color – these balms are it! The formula is a blend of rosehip seed oil and shea butter, is super creamy and hydrates lips all day long though it’s also super pigmented so you can wear it with a full face of makeup and still look polished. They are also free of parabens, mineral oil, silicone and talc

Jones Road Beauty The Lip Tint

These are the perfect mix between a balm and a lipstick. Slightly sheer and hydrating but with enough coverage to give a gorgeous payoff on the lips. One swipe will give a hint of color but you can build it up for a more rich pigmented look. They are easy to apply quickly on the go or add over a lip liner for a more polished look. I personally love Just Pinky for the perfect petal pink everyday lip, while Nude Mauve is more neutral and will tone down any red in the lip.

Best Tinted Lip Balms with SPF

Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints SPF 25

Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints SPF 25

The Tatcha Kissu Lip Tints SPF 25 are a creamy, hydrating lip tint with SPF 25 and buildable color. They are an extension of the uber popular Tatcha Lip Mask, which I have and love. The pigment is so much more rich than I imagined and really give amazing color payoff on the lips. They feel super smooth and moisturizing and hardly at all like a traditional sun product for the lips. There are three shades in the range – CamelliaMidnight Lily and Plum Blossom. All are more pinky in tone with varying shades of intensity. I hope they continue to expand the range and come out with more colors in the future because the formula is amazing.

Best Glossy Tinted Lip Balms

Glossy Tinted Lip Balms

Sisley Phyto-Rouge Shine

The perfect combination between a lipstick and lip balm! This formula is slightly glossy but not sticky at all! It’s super moisturizing, hydrates lips and delivers just enough color. It is also refillable so you can repurchase the same shade or switch it up and try something new while keeping the same original packaging.

Makeup by Mario MoistureGlow Plumping Lip Serum

This will not be a long wearing formula but I absolutely love the super glossy glass-like finish these give to the lips. They are plumping, nourishing and really smooth out the lips. The plumping aspect is very slight so there is no stinging or tingling which is nice. The pigment is very sheer so I typically will layer these over my favorite lip liner or lipstick to add that glossy shine finish.