While it’s important to get the proper amount of rest each night for our minds and bodies, I find that the biggest tell tale sign of little sleep is on my skin.  If I don’t have the proper amount of rest, my skin looks dull, lackluster and often begins to break out.  But interrupted sleep is inevitable so I need to do my part to help it in every way I can – and the answer for me is using an effective night cream.  Adding a multi-purpose cream that is designed to help address numerous different concerns has made a world of difference in my morning after skin.  Currently I have two products in rotation, one a long time staple and the other a new discovery.  The Korres Wild Rose + Vitamin C Advanced Brightening Sleeping Facial is a mouthful to say but a favorite (and cult classic) to use.  The texture is quite thick so a little goes a long way, but with ingredients designed to target uneven tone and premature aging, this cream packs quite a punch.  I find that my skin has a significant glow when used regularly, and any summer pigmentation issues that have carried over to the fall have disappeared.  The Kiehl’s Multi Corrective Cream (c/o) is new to my arsenal but has quickly earned its stripes.  With ingredients that help to retexturize, smooth and and sculpt the skin, my first initial result was waking up with texture-less skin.  No lumps, no bumps, no dry patches – nothing!  As I began to apply makeup after my shower, the foundation melted right into my skin and wore beautifully that day. A coincidence? I think not.  Since then this cream has been on repeat each night (though suitable for the day as well), and my skin cannot thank me enough.     

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