It’s no secret, I love me some nail polish.  Every sunday is my special time to get my nails done and pamper myself – heck I even named an entire series of posts after it – Sunday Nailday anyone?  So while I do not change up my makeup too much, I enjoy keeping things fresh and new each season with my nails.  Spring is fun to delve into the world of pastels, summer with the bright neons and fall/winter brings out the dark and moody side to my nails.  Jewel toned polishes in both shimmer and cream finishes are what make up most of my cold weather nail game.  And today I am bringing this excitement to you with a look at some of the colors I enjoy wearing this time of year.  If I have worn it in a post before, I will give a link to the swatch.
From left to right:
From left to right:
3. Color Club Catwalk Queen (worn here)
5. Chanel Malice (worn here)

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