photo ee3a0de5-543a-45e7-afac-09c156ba5294.jpgAnother month has come and gone, another round of favorites that I can’t get enough of using.  A few new brands that I have never tried before blew me away with their products, and I couldn’t wait to share them with all of you.

1. Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (c/o) – A now, tried and true fan of Dermalogica, I keep this in my shower because my morning routine can’t bear to be without it.  A lightly milled powder that you apply to a wet face, and it gently exfoliates and cleanses leaving the skin soft but not irritated.  One of the biggest differences I have noticed is in how my makeup goes on each day after using this – smooth and flawless.
2. Nuxe Lip Balm (c/o) – This is one of the brands that is new to me, and this lip balm was an initial stand out stunner.  I know, it’s a lip balm – big whoop.  Not so fast my friends – it is a matte lip balm.  *cue shock and awe*  And it takes lip softening to a whole new level.
3. Neal’s Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate (c/o) – What the what?  A beauty sleep concentrate?  Yes, I looked at it the same way too.  And to be honest, when I was sent this product, it sat and sat for a week or two, while I gave it the side eye every night.  So I took to the blogosphere to find out more – and people were absolutely RAVING about this product.  Neal’s Yard is a hugely popular organic brand primarily found in the UK, and this is one of their cult classics.  Very few products make me say “whoa” the minute I apply, but this not only wowed me upon application, it has become one of my favorite products ever!  It is designed to replenish, recharge and hydrate the skin overnight – basically it makes the skin perfect.  How I ever lived before without this product, I will never know.  Team Beauty Sleep Concentrate!
4. Cover FX SPF 30 Protection Primer (c/o) – Primers come and go in my routine, with most never standing the test of time after a few uses.  I recently revisited this Cover FX primer and found that it has kept my makeup lasting longer and with less mid-day shine consecutively day after day after day.  Go ahead, invite me for dinner, drinks, dancing – the whole nine yards after work.  My makeup is covered.
5. Avon True Color Eye Shadow Quad in Berry Love (c/o) – Another day, another eye shadow palette, right?  WRONG.  Avon’s new eye shadow formulation is ba-na-nas!  The texture feels like velvet and blends seamlessly (see swatches here), and frankly I feel ridiculous that I have not discovered these sooner.  Like beanie babies, I want to collect them all.
6. Hourglass Lip Stylo in Shade 4 – Can I even go a month without having an Hourglass product in my favorites?  Highly doubtful.  I just love everything they make, and of course this nude lip stylo in a subtle peach shade is no exception.  Love the texture, love the color, love the application, love, love, love.
7. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Chantilly – All the hype? Yes it’s really worth it.  Radiant to the tenth power, creamy to the tenth power and has coverage like no other.  My under eye circle do not stand a chance.
8. NARS Pro-Prime Smudge Proof Eye Shadow Base – NARS really kills it with the titles of these products as they manage to live up to the name perfectly.  Priming the eye lid, making it smooth and locking in my shadow for the entire day – the product is the epitome of multi-tasking.  And it does it supremely.

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