1. She Regrets Nothing – Meh. That’s all I can say about this book. It was ok but not amazing. Laila lives in a small town and just lost her mother after also losing her father years before. At the funeral, Laila meets three of her cousins that she never knew existed. They are from NYC and live a very different and extravagant life. All four cousins are the grandchildren of one of the wealthiest men in the entire country, though Laila was never introduced to this side of the family so she never knew about this life of privilege that she was a part of. She is invited by her cousins to come stay with them in NYC and it opens up a world that she never could have dreamed of. But her father distanced himself from his grandfather and brother for a reason and Laila wants to know the reason. Laila struggles with this new life and doesn’t know if she really wants to uncover the family scandal that kept the family from being together. Rating: 6

2. Leave the World Behind – This is the kind of book you analyze during a college lit class but frankly I found it completely confusing and pointless. A couple and their young kids rent a house on Long Island for a week long vacation. During their vacation, they receive a knock at the door and find the owners of the house standing there. The owners explain they were at an event in NYC and all the power went out so they could not stay at their apartment in the city. The couple vacationing feel uncomfortable staying at the house with the actual owners but are worried they may not have power back at their own apartment. The news is not saying what is happening to cause the power outage but soon both families realize that something catastrophic could be happening and they are potentially trapped. I feel like the book just kept going and going with no real end or conclusion. I was not a fan. Rating: 4

3. Saving Noah – Ugh, this book was really hard to read. Not because it wasn’t good but because the subject matter and entire story was utterly heartbreaking. Major trigger warnings on this one. Noah is a star athlete and honor student until he begins acting strange with no explanation. Noah’s mom, Adrianne, figures it is just typical teenage drama but soon realizes that it’s something much more terrifying. Noah confesses to his mother that he molested young girls who he was coaching during swim lessons. Noah himself is devastated and doesn’t understand why he feels the way he does. Adrianne tries to get her son help and feels this is something that can be fixed, but soon realizes that is not the case. The story is absolutely heartbreaking and will make you feel a million conflicting emotions. It was truly a great read but left me emotionally wrecked after. Rating: 8.5

4. The Troop – I am normally a mystery/psychological thriller fan but decided to dip my toe into horror fiction with this book. It had a ton of great reviews and I do love a good scary book. But to be honest, it just wasn’t for me. It’s quite gruesome and morbid, which doesn’t necessarily bother me but didn’t keep me very interested. A scoutmaster takes his troop on a hunting weekend on a remote island off the coast of Canada. One afternoon a man stumbles into their camp and seems to be very ill. The scoutmaster tries to give the man aid but soon finds out that he is sick with something that can’t be explained. And soon the entire group is at risk for contracting this mysterious illness. Rating: 6

5. Phantom Limb – I am a fan of Lucinda Berry books, though this one was only a  like not a love. Emily and Elizabeth are twins who survived a horrific childhood and dealt with the trauma for years after. Emily and Elizabeth are now on their own and living together though Emily still really struggles with crippling issues that prevent her from doing so much. Elizabeth must care for her while still trying to live her own life. So when Elizabeth wakes up in the hospital after a suicide attempt, she is unclear what actually transpired to lead up to this. During her time in the hospital, she must confront memories that she has spent years trying to bury and forget. It’s only in the last few pages of this book is a huge twist revealed that I did not see coming! Rating: 7.5

6. The Nature of Fragile Things – I absolutely adored this book so much! It highlighted the strength of the female spirit and the intense bonds formed between women. I fell in love with Sophie, the lead character, and her immensely generous heart. She is a true hero. Sophie immigrates to America from Ireland in the early 1900’s trying to escape her past. She answers an ad in the paper for a man looking for a wife and a mother to his daughter and takes off for San Francisco hoping for the best. Sophie marries Martin Hocking and begins her new life as his wife and mother to his young daughter Kat. Martin travels often for work yet Sophie is not entirely sure what he does. Nonetheless she feels grateful for her new life and pours all her energy into caring for Kat. When Sophie receives a knock on the door a few months later, she is greeted by a woman looking for her husband and starts a chain of events that will ultimately change both of their lives forever. Amidst betrayal and heartbreak, both women come together and support one another in the most selfless ways. This book really highlights the strength of women and their power to endure hardships. Rating: 9