1. One Italian Summer – I really wanted to love this book more than I did. I enjoyed it but I kept hoping for more. Katy’s mother recently passed away and Katy is devastated. Her mother is her best friend and the person she goes to for everything. Katy and her mom were planning a trip to Italy so Katy decided to do the trip alone hoping she could connect with her mom in some way still. Katy goes to the places that her mom used to frequent when she lived in Italy many years ago. Visiting these places, Katy begins to understand more of who her mother was and also the answers to questions in her own life that she is struggling with. Rating: 8

2. The Golden Couple – This was a captivating thriller and I absolutely loved all the twists and turns that it took! Avery Chambers is a couples therapist with very unconventional methods that had her lose her license. But that doesn’t stop the wealthy from seeking her out as a last chance option to save their crumbling marriages. Marissa and Matthew are one of those couples who are hoping Avery can fix their failing marriage after Marissa cheats on Matthew. However Avery quickly gathers that there is more to the story than what Marissa and Matthew are sharing and she must uncover these secrets in order to help them. Rating: 9

3. The Club – What am I missing with this book? It has so much buzz and was included in Reese Witherspoon’s book club, but I found it painfully tedious to get through! Ned and his brother Adam run a very exclusive and successful group of clubs throughout the world for the ultra rich and famous. At these clubs, privacy is of the utmost importance and celebs can feel comfortable to be themselves. However, the fees for these clubs are outrageous and there are more secrets being kept behind the walls of these exclusive clubs. Rating: 6

4. We Are All the Same In the Dark – This was a good read, but not a great one. It kept me somewhat entertained but my mind kept wandering throughout the book during the slow parts. Odette Tucker grew up in a small town and had to endure the tragic murder of her good friend Trumanell Branson. The community was convinced her brother, Wyatt had something to do with it but Odette isn’t convinced. Now that Odette is older and a detective for that same small town, she can finally do something about this event that has been haunting her her entire life. One evening, she responds to Wyatt’s home and finds a one-eyed girl that Wyatt found dumped in a field nearby. The little girl is unable to give any information as to why she is in the field and where she comes from. But for some reason, Odette feels that this girl and Trumanell’s death could be linked. Rating: 7

5. Magic Hour – Every single book by Kristin Hannah is a must read for me. I LOVE all of her stories and this book was no exception. Kristin Hannah’s books have so much emotion and I feel so much when reading them. Julia is a very successful child psychologist in Los Angeles until a very publicized scandal nearly ruins her life. Julia’s sister is the chief of police of theirĀ  town in the Pacific Northwest and is horrified when a 6 year old girl is found in the woods alone and seemingly without any family. The little girl seems traumatized beyond recognition and is unable to communicate. Julia’s sister asks Julia to return home to help rehabilitate this girl and possibly her own professional reputation. The bond that forms between Julia and this little girl is amazing and heartbreaking too. I cried so much during this book and felt every single emotion that each character had!! Rating: 9.5

6. Things We Do in the Dark – I LOVED Little Secrets from this author and went through it in 2 days! I had high hopes for this novel but it didn’t even come close sadly. Paris Peralta is the wife of a famous comedian and currently being arrested for his murder. She says she found him dead in his bathtub from an apparent suicide, but the police believe she is responsible. Paris must try and plead her innocence while trying to keep her true identity and past a secret. She has a connection to a known killer and doesn’t want the world to use this against her to find her guilty. Rating: 7.5