1. Every Last Secret – I figured the story out pretty quickly but that didn’t take away from the enjoyment of this thriller! Cat and William Winthorpe are wealthy figures in the community and William owns a very successful tech company. His company hires a new life coach named Neena and she slowly becomes a divisive figure in Cat and William’s relationship. Cat quickly catches on to Neena and her motives and decides to beat her at her own game. Rating: 8

2. Golden Girl – I enjoy Elin Hildebrand books though most of them are very much the same. Vivian is a successful author living on Nantucket with her family when she is struck and killed on one of her morning runs. The family is devastated and Vivian has to watch them struggle with their grief from the afterlife. Vivian’s death becomes a focus for the entire community and the case seems to be getting cold with no solid leads. Eventually secrets are revealed and the authorities think they may have a suspect and try to get justice for Vivian’s family. Rating: 8

3. Stay Awake – This book kept me guessing until the very end. Liv wakes up one night on the way home from a bar and in the back of a cab with no knowledge of her current situation. She arrives at her home only to realize that she no longer lives there and hasn’t for the past two years. She’s confused and notices that her hands and arms are covered in writing that says “don’t fall asleep”. Liv soon realizes that she has no memory of the last 2 years and forgets everything once she falls asleep. She tries to figure out what has caused the memory loss and what possible trauma her mind could be protecting her from. And then her ex-fiance is found dead and Liv can’t remember if she had anything to do with his death. She is racing against the clock to clear her name without any knowledge of her past or a possible alibi. Rating: 8.5

4. The Cabin in the Woods – An easy thriller to get through – a great weekend read. Rose is on the run – taking up residence at a remote cabin in the woods. She goes into town to get supplies but doesn’t want to raise any flags or speak to anyone for fear that she could be found. The story oscillates between Rose’s current life and the years that brought her to this point. Rose’s past life seemed picture perfect and almost out of storybook. Until she meets a woman in the bathroom of a charity function and is told the most horrific things. Rose tries to decide if these allegations are true and if so, she needs to take her young daughter and leave immediately. But things don’t go as planned and she is then forced to go into hiding. Rating: 8.5

5. The Perfect Child – I could not put this book down!!!! One of my favorite reads of the year so far! Janie is a young girl that is found abandoned and brought to a local hospital for care. One of the physicians on her case develops a fondness for her and decides to apply to be her foster parents until her case is cleared. Janie seems to have a horrific history of abuse and neglect so Christopher and his wife Hannah try to be patient with her and support her in the best way. But Janie is difficult and her behaviors become increasingly scary and dangerous. Hannah tries to find out more of Janie’s past and the truth is even more terrifying. Despite the warning signs, Christopher and Hannah move forward with adopting Janie which forever bonds them to her. Christopher still thinks Janie is capable of being rehabilitated but over time Hannah knows that Janie is pure evil and fears for their safety. This book will keep you on the edge of your seat!!!! Rating: 9

6. The Chain – This book is wildly unrealistic but was absolutely gripping and so hard to put down! The story is terrifying and even though it was so crazy, I couldn’t help but get so emotional throughout it. Rachel’s daughter is abducted in broad daylight while waiting for the school bus. And when the kidnappers contact Rachel to request ransom, they tell her that in order to get her child back she must kidnap another child and keep the “chain” going. The kidnappers own child was taken and they took Rachel’s child in order to get theirs back. Rachel will do anything to get her daughter back, but can she really kidnap another family’s child and make them go through what she is going through? Rating: 9