Brighten, exfoliate and hydrate – basically my skincare mission. I want products to target all of these things and if I can find them all in one set even better! Volition Beauty’s  Best of Volition set contains three of their top selling products that are designed to do exactly that – brighten, exfoliate and hydrate the skin. If you are unfamiliar with the Volition Beauty brand, they are a clean beauty brand (and cruelty free!) that uses Safe Science formulations free from harmful ingredients. The skincare range from the line is quite extensive (everything from cleansers and masks, to serums, eye creams, SPF and more), and there is also a body and makeup line as well. The Best of Volition set is a great place to start if you are new to the brand because it contains three of their most popular products all in one set. After testing each one, I now understand why they are top sellers and have so much buzz surrounding them.
1. Turmeric Brightening Polish – I am a huge turmeric fan and love when beauty brands use amazing nutritional ingredients in their skincare. Many scrubs can often be too harsh for me to use, but this one feels wonderful on my skin. I like to massage it gently into damp skin and then leave on for 3-4 minutes letting the olive oil and sesame oil in the formula nourish and moisturize my skin. Then I gently remove it with my hands or a warm washcloth and my skin is left glowing! The other morning I put it on while in the shower, rinsed it off and when I went to apply my foundation, it glided on effortlessly. My face looked so fresh and radiant the whole day.
2. Strawberry-C Serum – I had no idea that strawberries were chock full of vitamin c! I always like to have a vitamin c serum in my morning skincare routine to help with brightening and protect against free radical damage. The texture of this serum was an instant hit for me because it’s silky and creamy with no tackiness. In addition to vitamin c, this Strawberry-C Serum also has one of my favorite (and necessary) ingredients – hyaluronic acid! It really helps to hydrate and plump the skin and wears beautifully under makeup. This serum is the perfect addition to a summer skincare routine.
3. Apple Cider Vinegar Resurfacing Peel Pads – As someone that already uses and loves apple cider vinegar for so many things (I drink it, have used it on my skin, washed my hair with it, etc), I was so excited to try these resurfacing peel pads! They are easy to use since it fits over two fingers and you can simply sweep it across the face. Along with apple cider vinegar, it contains glycolic acid to help even out the skin tone, fruit acids to smooth the skin and witch hazel to remove dirt and excess oil. I love to use this in the evening after I’ve cleansed and then follow it up with a quick spritz of a hydrating mist and then my serum and moisturizer. It’s not too strong where my skin felt irritated, but it’s effective enough to really resurface the skin.
In addition to this Best of Volition set, I also linked a few of their other products that I want to try in the widget below. The entire line can be purchased individually at Sephora, but this Best of Volition set is exclusive to the Volition Beauty site and currently 30% off! When you shop the Volition Beauty site you can receive a complimentary sample included with each purchase (so you can test out the product before opening to make sure it works for you) and free shipping!