Kimono (Amazon prime find) | Shorts | Wedges | Tank | Bag | Hat (similar) | Sunglasses
Kimono (Amazon prime find) | Tank | Shorts | Bag
It’s time for another Amazon round-up because I have been sharing all of these purchases on my insta-stories and needed to compile them all into one post!
1. Kimono – I really loved this kimono that I purchased recently but wanted to try a different style and print and this one was an instant hit! Both would also work as swimsuit coverups.
2. Sun hat for Miles – I had a bunch of DMs asking me about Miles’ hat that he was wearing at the beach and pool recently and this is it. It has straps to attach under their chin, but Miles keeps it on so there is no need for that with him. He also looks ridiculously cute in it which is another huge benefit to it. Ha!
3. Low sugar gummies – I have a major sweet tooth and am constantly looking for healthier options to indulge in. I had heard about these low sugar/low carb gummies and ordered them instantly. I wasn’t expecting to like them as much as I did, but I have already ordered them two more times since! And I have received a few messages from readers that also purchased them after seeing it on my insta-stories and they are loving them too.
4. Spirulina powder – Spirulina has so many great health benefits such as being anti-inflammatory, high in antioxidants, helping to fight fatigue – just to name a few. This powder had good reviews so I decided to try it. It has a fishy taste which can be a turnoff but I find that mixing it in with other things (like my oatmeal in the morning) helps mask the taste. It’s also VERY powdery so I had to transfer it to another container because it will get everywhere. Not sure I will repurchase when I’m finished, but for now I am happy with it. If you have any other recommendations of spirulina that you use and like, leave me a comment below!
5. Liquid B-12 – I originally ordered this liquid B-12 but it was out of stock, so I ordered another that was recommended by the Medical Medium and have seen even better results! It has done wonders at increasing my energy levels. I take it once a day in the morning, but if I am feeling extra fatigued that day I will take a second dose in the afternoon.
6. Low sugar peanut butter spread – Another yummy sweet treat that is a bit more healthy is this peanut butter spread. I have a spoonful as a dessert and LOVE the taste.
7. AirPod case – I shared this case on my insta-stories a few times already and it quickly became one of my top selling items! LOL Stan and I both have AirPod cases and I am always trying to figure out which one is mine so I came across this case and ordered it immediately! It’s so fabulous and fun.
8. Screen cleaner – My computer screen was in dire need of a cleaning and this stuff works like magic.
9. Acupressure mat – I struggle with neck and back pain from time to time (I’ve had two spine surgeries for disc issues), and had heard great things about an acupressure mat. It takes some getting used to because the disks are quite spiky and hard, but I don’t find it to be painful at all.
10. Stain remover – This has been our go-to stain remover for years and I needed to repurchase a new bottle. If you need a great all purpose stain remover, this is the stuff to get!
11. Face wipes for Miles – I order these in bulk now because we go through them so quickly. I have tried a few different face wipes for Miles but always go back to these. They clean his face and hands quickly, smell amazing and are super durable.