I have shared details on the Space NK brushes before but I have been reaching for them so often lately and that I thought I would do a post on them again in case anyone is looking for a great gift idea. Space NK launched their own brush line last year and sent me all of them to try. I fell instantly in love with the entire set and have been using them ever since.

You can purchase the face set which includes six brushes for both the face and eyes, or just the eye set which has the four brushes needed to do any eye look! I’ll do a quick run down of each brush and where I use it on the face.

1. Brush 101 – This is my all over powder brush for dusting on a loose powder or a setting/blurring powder.

2. Brush 202 – I use this for blush and bronzer. It’s the perfect size and deposits just the right amount of product each time.

3. Brush 203 – Since this has a slight angle to it, I use this for any contour powder that I may use under my cheekbones. Typically I use a bronzer as a light contour.

4. Brush 201 – This is a liquid or cream foundation brush, but because I use my Beautyblender to apply my foundation I use this brush to apply my skincare masks at night. It feels so luxurious!

5. Brush 102 – The top of this brush is flat so when I wear cream blush, I use this to buff it onto my cheeks. To be honest, this is the brush I use the least.

6. Brush 302 – This is the eye brush you definitely need because it is fantastic at blending color into the crease.

7. Brush 301 – I forgot to photograph this one because I had just used it and put it back into my bathroom, but in addition to the crease brush this one is the other must have eye brush. I use it to apply color on my lid.

8. Brush 303 – If you prefer to use a brush to apply your concealer (especially on small spots like blemishes), this one is a great brush to have. It’s synthetic so it works really well with cream and liquid products.

9. Brush 304 – I very rarely use liquid/pencil liner and prefer to apply a dark eyeshadow at my lash line with an angled brush. This one has a very narrow tip so it makes applying liner so easy.

10. Brush 305 – I tend to reach for my blending brush more frequently than this one, but if you like to do smoky eyes this smudge brush is perfect! It will help smoke out eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eye and also on your lower lash line.

That’s it! Those are all the brushes in the entire Space NK line and how I use each one. A few other brands of brushes that I love and think are worth splurging on are Zoeva, MAC, Laura Mercier and Bobbi Brown. I will link some of my favorite brushes from those brands in the widget below.