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TGIF! Hope everyone had a great week. I shared a picture of my little reading nook in my bedroom and am loving how the space is coming together. There are a few more pieces still left to arrive and then this section will be complete! For this week's Friday Finds, I pulled together all of my picks and then asked readers to send in their finds so I am sharing some in the bottom of this post.

1. I am a bit old school when it comes to my to-do list and love to write things down. My girlfriend recently downloaded these daily to-do templates and said she loves using them.

2. $20 leopard flats??! These are a total steal!

3. I can't wait to begin pulling out all my straw and bamboo totes once the warmer weather hits, and this one is on my wish list.

4. If you aren't a jeans fan, and prefer to wear casual dresses and skirts on the weekend, this t-shirt dress is perfect! That twist detail makes it such a flattering fit.

5. Luggage doesn't have to be boring - the palm print interior of this one makes me want to take a vacation now!

6. I have animal print all throughout my closet, though I want to put a bit in my home decor. Thinking an accent pillow like this would be perfect.

7. My feet cannot wait for sandal season - and these sleek and minimalist sandals are next on my list to get.

8. A lace trimmed camisole is a great basic to have and this one is gorgeous and only $25.

9. One of my favorite skincare brands just launched a body line and I can't wait to get my hands on it.

10. I've never been one to wear a mascara primer, but there is so much buzz surrounding this one that my interest is piqued.

11. There has been SO MUCH HYPE around this face cream and I am slowly caving in. I think I may order a small size and test it out. #sucker

12. These finds are all from my readers and I have added them to my list of things I need to try: this overnight moisture mask, this matte lipstick formulation (a few people recommended these), this ABH eyeshadow palette, an SPF that also targets anti-aging concerns and an underwear recommendation perfect for high-waisted pants (I am always on the lookout for great under garments!).


  1. I'm ready to try the Bader cream, but would love you (and frankly, your Mom's) opinion on it.

    1. I will definitely have my mom test it too when I buy it!


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