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Fall is at it's peak near me right now and it feels magical! The next two months always go by so quickly but I am going to try and plan fun things with Miles to make the most out of the time. His birthday is this coming Sunday so we are having a small get together to celebrate and I can't wait for him to wear his little Yankees jersey Stan's sister bought him. I went with a NY Yankees/baseball theme for the party since Stan loves the Yankees (and Stan and I met while living in NYC) and a Yankees hat was given to Miles before he was even born so clearly it's a priority around here. Ha! A few other random things on my mind:

1. I finally feel back to myself physically which I am enjoying. I met with a girlfriend the other day for lunch and she had a baby 6 months ago and was frustrated at how things had slowed down for her. I knew exactly what she was talking about and had the same cycle - I lost a good portion of the baby weight in the first few months and things began to plateau around 6 months. Then around 10-11 months I had the remaining drop off.

2. I feel into a showhole recently with The Jinx on HBO and "wow" is all I can say. That series is mind-blowing and the ending was a shocker.

3. In addition to The Jinx, I listened to every episode of the podcast Dr. Death and my mind was also blown. As someone that has had two spine surgeries, I can't imagine what those patients went through. 

4. Is it too early to begin putting up my holiday decorations? Last year I had all my Christmas decorations up the day after Halloween because I wanted everything to be done before I had Miles. Now I am itching to begin that again. When do you put up your holiday decor?

5. Update, I bought these no show socks that I spoke about in my fall shoe edit video and they are fantastic. I am wearing them today with boots and they are very comfortable and completely unnoticeable.

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