Friday Finds

Zebra tray, mug, balloon dog, pineapple candle. lamp, lightbox
Happy Friday! I have tons of new finds to share with you today, and one not so good find. Ha! These posts are always a bit random since they cover any and every thing I come across that catches my eye. Hope you enjoy! Feel free to share any of your own random finds because I get some of my best recommendations from all of you.

1. Target's new home collection, Project 62 is soooo good. I just picked up this table lamp and adore the marble accents!

2. I'm slowly packing my hospital bag, and contemplating getting one of these robes. They look perfect for delivery, nursing and staying comfortable.

3. Ok, this one is a find that I wish I hadn't found. LOL I am currently reading this book and it is awful! And yes, I continue reading even when I don't like it because I paid for it and refuse to waste my money. But holy cow is it terrible. I need to find an amazing book after this to get my reading mojo back!

4. It's not cold enough for scarves yet but all the good ones sell out so quickly so I picked up this leopard one (under $30!) and this leopard one (under $20!) because I know I won't be able to get them in a few weeks (also contemplating this one but 3 leopard scarves may be a bit too much, no?). Also going to get this one which I had my eye on last year. I am really trying to move away from blanket scarves in favor of ones that are less bulky.

5. Like I need a new nude lipstick, right?! But I am contemplating getting one of these new MAC ones. Ugh, the packaging is really drawing me in.

6. Speaking of packaging, this pricey illuminating powder and this luminizer are ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Not sure I really need the La Mer one because their makeup products can be hit or miss with me, but the Dior one seems like a must have considering how every single one of their complexion products is a dream on my skin.

7. H&M is killing it with coats this year! This leopard print faux fur number is adorable, this fuzzy cream number looks like a great staple and while I wouldn't splurge on a coat in this color, this pink one is perfect for the price.

8. Holy nightstand envy! These are ridiculously gorgeous! Almost makes me want to redo my bedroom in tan and neutrals. LOL 

9. Topshop never not making the cutest sweaters for fall and winter. The huge button details on this are my favorite

10. I know fall is all about dark nail colors, but I love my opaque whites and milky pale pinks the most and picked up Funny Bunny and It's Pink P.M. recently. Highly recommend if you love these kind of colors.

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