Bits and Pieces: Casual Chambray

There are those outfits where you put a great deal of thought into planning - accessory matching, makeup pairing, hair vibe, shoe contenders - the works.  Then there are outfits that you just throw on without a single thought yet somehow they can still be a favorite.  I was having one of those latter days recently and wanted to wear something that I loved, felt comfortable in and didn't need to think about.  Enter a chambray shirt, jeans and loafers.  I have to remind myself sometimes when I get wooed by the fancier, bolder and more high maintenance pieces that I need to have a closet stocked with basics before I can dabble in something more adventurous.  So I am on the hunt now for another pair of perfect skinny jeans and another loose chambray shirt because I believe in multiples of your staples.  And I believe in wearing good mascara and eating a hearty breakfast, but for now - let's keep it to one personal mantra at a time.  

Blouse - J.Crew (love this and this) | Belt - J.Crew | Jeans - Hudson | Loafers - Tory Burch (on sale!!)

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  1. LOVE! And I must say your skin looks absolutely flawless as well. I do however, assume these pictures were not taken this weekend... (BRR) I'm not in NY but the news was all over the place.

    1. Thanks so much! Ha, no not this weekend but they were taken about 6 or 7 days ago so it was still pretty cold. My coat was literally still only 2 feet away from me, eek! But the sun did help things significantly! :)

  2. This is such a great no-fuss look! Love that you added a leopard print belt and loafers! Especially the loafers part - I'm such a loafer ho!

    Bold Subtlety


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