I wish I was a morning person. I feel that morning people get so much more done and accomplished while the rest of us are hitting the snooze button a million times. But until I finally conquer the 6 am wake up, I will have to rely on makeup products to help me speed up the process. Benefit’s Fake Up Concealer and First Aid Beauty’s Eye Duty Triple Remedy* are two new additions to my morning routine, but are slowly climbing their way up the “how-did-I-ever-live-without” ladder. Some products take me a few days or even weeks to get into the groove with, however some just wow me instantly. These were an instant hit.
Benefit’s Fake Up is a concealer surrounded by a moisturizing stick. The shade range is quite limited (there are only 3 colors) but if you can find a shade that matches, you are in luck. I am the lightest shade (of course) and love the way this applies. The formula is quite opaque and covers well, yet the moisturizing stick ensures it does not crease, pull on any dry patches or settle into fine lines. If this doesn’t make my favorites list shortly, I will be shocked. It is that good. But before I apply it, I massage in the First Aid Beauty Eye Duty Triple Remedy. Designed to be an eye treatment (as opposed to an eye cream), it is meant to depuff, brighten and smooth. Oh and be the most delightful thing to use every morning – they forgot that part. If you can see from the above pics, there is a stainless steel applicator that you use to massage in the cream. It’s like a spa for your eyes. The applicator is so cooling and truly helps to depuff instantly, while the slightly peachy toned cream helps to brighten and color correct immediately. Over time, it is supposed to help reduce fine lines and dark circles, which is yet to be seen since I’ve only been using for a few weeks. But what I can tell you is I will not apply my makeup without it anymore. It is simply that vital. And crucial. 6 am be damned. I’ll happily get another hour or more with these in my arsenal.
* press sample

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