Quarantine has me trying all the beauty treatments and tools. There are three that I have been using regularly and thought I would share my thoughts on each:

1. Face razors – These are technically eyebrow razors, but I use them to shave my face! Only on my cheeks and upper lip to get rid of any peach fuzz but it works wonders. It does help to exfoliate slightly as well. And do not worry, your hair will not grow back thicker. That is a myth and simply not true, and I have seen firsthand that it doesn’t happen. I love the way my foundation goes on after I remove all the hair from my face – it looks so smooth!

2. Nuface Fix – I’ve only been testing this for a short time, but I have noticed a slight difference after using. It’s more of a temporary fix for lines, wrinkles and helping to plump certain areas. I use it around the lines of my mouth as well as my smile lines and they both look less noticeable after. I plan to test the Nuface Trinity next so I am excited to use the two together as I’ve heard they work well when used regularly.

3. Gua sha stone – This is the tool that I have been most excited to use and one that I have seen amazing results from within just a few days! A reader of mine suggested I follow Face Gym’s Instagram for tips on how to use this and I have been doing it almost daily. My face looks less puffy, more contoured and feels so firm! Plus it’s incredibly relaxing and soothing to do. I normally do it on bare skin, but sometimes I use a tad bit of face oil because it helps the stone glide easier over the skin. I also do it after my skincare routine at night when I’m lying in bed watching TV (it doesn’t rub off any product so don’t worry about that – just wait at least 30 minutes if you really want to make sure everything is absorbed). I cannot recommend this enough! Definitely worth picking up to add to your routine.